The MAD Race

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This morning, we participated in the 5km The MAD race (Make a Difference, organised by Touch) at Sentosa.

Any day with psi less than 100 is a good day, Olaf greeted us on the beach and she is not melting.
2015 MAD Race

One photo before we start, when everyone is still fresh.

All dressed in yellow, runners and walkers are participating in the MAD Race today, to increase awareness for depression.

Nevermind if we are not the fastest, we try our best.
More importantly, run together and enjoy the day as a family 🙂
20151010 MAD Race4

We have to encourage Boon Xin to keep up, as she still lacks stamina to complete the 5km. Her style is sprint, pant, walk, repeat again haha.

This race has another feature. We need to collect all seven bands to form a rainbow.
20151010 MAD Race

The volunteers were always eager to give her more Hi5, they even gave her extra bands for her efforts 🙂
20151010 MAD Race1

Remember to have some photo mementos. We seldom explore this side of Sentosa, Palawan Beach.
MAD Race Make a Difference

Sometimes, we stop for peacocks too.

Boon Yee (Bro to sis chat) : 1 more km, Boon Xin!
20151010 MAD Race5

Our friends who joined us this morning, Jbabies and Mabel 🙂
families at MAD Race
(Image credit Jbabies)

Yes, we did it! Another run to remember 🙂
20151010 MAD Race7
The Mad Race

I shared with the kids MAD race is not for mad people. Some folks suffer from depression and understand very little about treatments and social stigma. Our MAD Race today hopes to make a difference and hopefully raise some awareness about mental health.

Boon Xin colouring her Singa at the post-run carnival.
20151010 MAD Race6

More details about MAD race can be found on their website and Fanpage.

Make a Difference

* Do pop by our running adventures on this link.

Raising awareness for MAD Race 2015

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The MAD in MAD Race stands for “Making a Difference” and organisers wish to raise awareness about Depression. Often known as a silent disease, someone who suffers from depression needs a lot of encouragement and love.

To quote from MAD Race, “Extensive research has shown that love, acceptance and support from family, friends and the community at large plays a very important role in how well and fast someone can recover from depression. What this means is that EVERYONE can Make A Difference!!!

Race day is on 10Oct 8am at Sentosa. Besides contributing to a good cause, the race offers an opportunity for families to enjoy sports and family moments.

MAD Race 2015

Additional information :
– WHO (World Health Organisation) – Depression has been the world’s leading cause of disability since 2012.
– IMH (Institute of Mental Health) – 1 in 17 Singaporeans suffer from major depressive disorder at some point in their life. This makes depression the most common mental health illness in Singapore.
– HPB (Health Promotion Board) – Up to 80% of individuals respond positively to treatment. Depression is the most treatable of all mental conditions.


There is still a lot of social stigma that people with depression are mad. MAD Race hopes to raise hope and let everyone know that we can help in this difficult journey.

Participants can walk 2.5km or run 5km. Those running in the 5km need to collect 7 colours to create a rainbow of Hope. We hope more people can walk out of depression.

Video : Awareness about Depression

Do follow The MAD Race on their website and Fanpage for the latest updates. Thanks to the organisers, we have 2 set of four tickets to giveaway.

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6. Contest ends 23 Sep 10pm, and two winners will be picked

ps.. All images above credit TheMADRace