MOSH Digital playground

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What was impressive for me was kids can doodle everything and their drawings come alive after some MOSH! digital processing (scanning!)

MOSH! is Singapore’s first immersive edutainment facility, and there are five zones at Mosh! At the entrance, our little participants will hear story about Mosh!cots and how their dreams were eaten by Baku (the purple one).
Mosh Digital

If you kids love imagination, drawing, hitech animation and technology, MOSH! will keep them entertained.
201602020 mosh10

Colour your Moji and Momo, scan them at World of Wonder Paper App and watch them fly around the projected screen. “That rainbow colour is mine, your one no name”, kids had fun trying to identify their own cartoon characters.
201602020 mosh3
201602020 mosh2

We have seen fireworks at New Year countdown and National Day, how about directing your own fireworks and stardust!
Mosh Singapore

At Fireworks Party, kids just need to jump or wave and different explosive creations will illuminate the “horizon”.
Mosh fireworks

Doodle Aquarium was the kids’ favourite section. They can draw all sorts of sea creatures ( octopus, turtles and even bunnies) and let them swim in the Sea (fish tank). I love my shark (or barracuda) which went chomping up the kids’ characters :p
mosh Doodle aquarium

Very soon, they were crowding the “fishtank” with multiples of every drawing haha!
201602020 mosh8

My favourite cartoon got to be Boon Yee’s sweet family of six! I think he loves a big family too 🙂
201602020 mosh7

Mosh!cot Hide and Seek Table. Simply put your hand (or wallet or hand phone) on the table surface. Voila, a Mosh Digital “character” will emerge from behind the cloud! Catch him before he disappears 🙂
Mosh playground Sentosa

1, 2, 3 THROW! at Paper Plane Adventure, your paper aeroplanes will transform into animated planes when they hit the wall, pretty cool!
mosh interactions

You can aim your paper plane at the dinosaurs, or try to dispatch a huge Jumbo jet yourself.
When we run out of aeroplanes, paper rock will do too 🙂
Mosh paper aeroplane

We love MOSH! edutainment concept of kids’ imagination and technology. The features provided a lot of opportunities for interaction for kids, and parents too.

However, we felt the admission fees for adults ($28, and child $22) is on the high side.


Additional Tips :
– Get the latest updates about Mosh! from their website and Facebook, and Video link
– MOSH! is located in same building as Kidzania, nearest carpark is Beach Station