2019 OCBC Cycle Mighty Savers Family ride

We participated in OCBC Cycle Mighty Savers family ride last weekend. Turnout is noticeably smaller as this was the exam weekend 🙂

But we wanted sports to help our kids de-stress. The 2 hour outdoor session did wonders.

Ok, kids did have to catch up on their studies when they got home hee hee.

Glad 大舅 Patrick’s family could join us in the Mighty Savers family ride category too! You might wish to read up on one of our practice session at Car Free Sunday.

Holding area and form up.

Image credit OCBC Cycle

Eager families waiting to be flagged off.
Proud parents riding along their kiddos.
Families enjoying 5km, together.

Boon Yee on his new 27.5in bike. I was worried that he might not be used to the new bike, but he was riding like a pro.

Guess we parents always underestimated the kids’ capabilities :p

Image credit OCBC Cycle

Our family of four, me and no3, Mummy and no4.  Although Mummy came in at the end, she was very game to join us in the fun ride.

When we cycle as a family, it is really more enjoyable.

We are glad that our kids all know how to cycle. It opens up so much more “Fun” opportunities.

Video is up (Youtube link):

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Might Savers Family ride
Mighty Savers Family ride

Thank you OCBC Cycle for the FUN invite and well organised event. Many families left with smiling faces.

You can try to spot your family at OCBC Cycle Mighty Savers Family ride on their  Facebook album (link).

This is the fourth year we are joining OCBC Cycle, checkout our episodes from 2016 to 2018 at this link https://sengkangbabies.com/tag/ocbc-cycle

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ps.. our rides sponsored by OCBC Cycle.