Facebook message now cost $1

To be exact, the charge of $1 applies when you message a “stranger”, or a celebrity (according to Mashable).

Daddy was trying to message a Durian-lover (Our Emicake $20 giveaway) to “LIKE” our fanpage first, when Facebook asks Daddy to pay $1 !

The second surprise was the other “Other” folder. It has accumulated 58 messages since 2011 ! Oh no, someone might have thought SengkangBabies never bother to reply…

And Daddy always thought there was only one “Inbox” for message. He is now going through the 58 messages, and typing “Sorry” 58 times. He reminds himself not to reply to spams (Nigeria warlords or UK treasury or even messages with O$P$)

What about you? Do pop by your Messages (the OTHER folder), and please let Daddy know he is not the only victim. We love our Facebook, we love our Fanpage more, but this $1 is one feature which we can do without.

ps.. since you are here, please read how Fanpage has help to promote our Blog. If in doubt, contact us.