Do you want to be a Gopro Hero?

[ Daddy wants to be a Hero ]

SengkangBabies enjoying some water moments at Legoland Waterpark.

Thanks to our new GoPro Hero 3+ camera, our Fun factor and perspectives (video and photos) just went up a notch.

GoPro camera was designed for adrenaline junkies. Daredevils who like to skydive, surf and rock climb, or bungee jump, BMX and skateboard stunts. You get the dRiFt.

Holding the GoPro Hero 3+ in my hand, this fella has a small footprint (smaller than EZ-link card)! There are only three buttons, and everyone can start recording within a few minutes.

Ours is the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, which cost $389 in June, and we got a free 32Gb microSD (worth $90) during the promotion. Mummy brought it for Daddy as a Father’s Day gift :)

Although our family’s activities are not really “adrenalin pumping”, our capable GoPro has been following us on our adventures.

Our multitasking GoPro Hero 3+ Silver:
- underwater camera (comes with underwater casing)
- in-car camera
- selfie camera

Although the GoPro is cool, there are a few things which our GoPro Hero 3+ Silver cannot perform :
- GoPro can capture everything with fisheye lens, but cannot Zoom
- Night vision photo is not ideal and subject to shakes (like any other Point & Shoot cameras)
- There is no LCD for playback, and you can only aim and shoot (practice makes perfect)
- Themepark staffs might prevent you from GoProing on slides and rides, cover and concealment please :p

Gopro fisheye

The first accessory you need will be a stick, for stability and wefie (grab a 18″ or 36″). Once you are familiar with GoPro functions and your own requirements, more poisoning shopping available at GoPro website. Anyone need a drone?

Mount your GoPro on your stick, your dashboard or your running cap, even your snorkel mask :)
Where to buy Gopro accessories

View your Videos and Photos wirelessly through GoPro app.

GoPro Hero cameras are really outstanding when it comes to videos!
Checkout some of our actions.

Legoland Waterpark on GoPro

All our Legoland posts

NDP rehearsal RHIB ride POV

Cloud Forest Waterfall

In car recording

Not sure whether Daddy will be skydiving or bungee jumping in his lifetime, but swimming with whalesharks seem easier to achieve. We say GoPRo Hero is ideal for family adventures.

Checkout this Oslob whaleshark link from the Philippines.

Be a Hero, grab a GoPro, Hero4 is already available.
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Toshiba L5400

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Different manufacturers have different definition of Smart TV.
Some Smart TV only has a web browser, and others might only offer minimum interaction.

Some models can monitor and control your home network, aircon, lightings and even surveillance. Videoconference, network games, even Social media can now be done on a Smart TV. With today’s technology, the line between Smart Phone and Smart TV is slowly blurring.

With that in mind, Daddy popped by Toshiba office to checkout their latest offering, Toshiba L5400. This TV runs on Android’s 4.4 Kitkat OS.

Toshiba L5400 hopes to bring our Smart phone experience onto a bigger platform.
With over 3000+ apps (and counting) available from Playstore, this is an appealing proposition.

Imagine your Android Smart phone apps running on your 5″ screen, now magnify the experience onto Toshiba L5400′s 55″ screen. Suddenly, games become more vivid, images more crisp and sound effects more realistic. The whole gaming experience has become more immersive.

With additional onboard memory, you can download more apps.

Built-in Wifi connects you to your favourite Youtube movies and websites. Daddy might be tempted to blog on a TV screen too.

Download an Animated wallpaper to make your TV more captivating.
Toshiaba Smart TV

Toshiba L5400 series has something cool for Karaoke fans. Audio source filtering allows us to mute the vocals in your TV or even Youtube clip so you can sing along! You do not need to croon “Gangnam Style” in the shower anymore.

Besides entertainment, Toshiba L5400 series can also improve your productivity. With an Office suite, your can edit your documents on the huge screen.

Everyone will be fighting for the features on Toshiba L5400, fortunately this TV can personalised up to eight individual profiles.

Mummy can add widgets like Spreadsheet and Youku channels into her profile, while kids might be interested in Youtube and games. Just drag and drop like your Smart phone.

Video : Check out some cool features of Toshiba L5400.

In a few years, Singapore will start broadcasting digital programmes to all households.
We have just scratched the surface of Smart TV, just imagine how this market will transform if Android (or Apple) revolutionise the Smart TV industry.

Pop by Toshiba website for more product specification on the L5400.

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