JSA Badminton 2018

Boon Yee’s JSA Badminton has ended. This is the second sport from his Junior Sports Academy Selection.

I am eager to find out what two other sports he will be enjoying over the next two semesters.

We did mention Junior Sports Academy is like a Sports buffet for Yee.

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JSA Badminton
JSA Badminton

Yee warming up with peers. Sparing with coach or peers,  Boon Yee aspires to be the next Lee Chong Wei 🙂

Warm up , play (technique), push up(strengthen), kids had to get in shape to play well.

Seeing him enjoying his Badminton, we know JSA has already enriched those kids who are sporty in nature.


Unlike Flippa Ball, parents were not allowed to view the kids in action (Tampines Primary School). I was only there for the first and last lesson.

A pity, as we parents would like to participate along the child’s progress. There was a certain disconnect when I could not see my kids leap, smash or spar with his peers.

Due to the larger number of students, most of them have to play doubles, and not one vs one. This might mean lesser attention from coaches to tune the kids’ moves.

We did challenged Boon Yee’s Badminton skills, and I know he has improved.

Besides JSA Badminton , kids have to pen their thoughts, quiz and some cross puzzles. They have a booklet to “chart” their progress and activities after each session.

There is a new development for JSA 2017/2018 cohort. Those who had already completed two sports and are shortlisted by coaches, get an opportunity to specialise.


The specialised path will roughly consist of more intensive and customised curriculum, under the same coaches. Training the kids with mindset of an athlete, perhaps someone with potential and aspiration would then be groomed for higher training.

In Boon Yee’s case, he was selected to extend his Flippa Ball passion.  If he is keen, his JSA programme will consist of only one semester of Badminton and three for Flippa Ball.

If we choose Flippa Ball, we would never know whether Boon Yee might prefer the last two sports, potentially Taekwondo and Fencing.

Upon further enquiry, MOE is offering specialised track earlier, because JSA Programme lasts from P4 till P6. There would not be enough time for kids to “specialised” after going through 4 sports.

A pity though. We joined JSA precisely because we wanted our child to get multiple sports exposure, now child and parent face dilemma to specialise or go through all four sports.

One day, I hope Junior Sports Academy (JSA) will be extended from P4 all the way to Sec 4. If Sports Singapore is serious about finding budding sports enthusiasts, extend the current 2 year JSA programme to six.

Let the child have more opportunity to play, learn and develop, hopefully we can cultivate more passion along the journey 🙂



Gif of Boon Yee smashing.


Whatever is Boon Yee’s selection, we will always support him.
You may read about our JSA selection blog post here.

Thank you JSA and MOE for all the sports opportunities 🙂

First Run with my girl at Cold Storage Kids Run 2018

[ Media Invite ]

This morning, I enjoyed the First Run with my girl at Cold Storage Kids Run 2018. Location was at Sentosa, near to Beach Station.

We arrived earlier and promptly got ourselves a cup of milo. We were fortunate as we heard the carpark  was full and many runners were delayed.




As we make our way to the start point, sea of Green and White crowded Sentosa Palawan beach area. Kids were dashing, parents were anticipating with their handphones for perfect photo moments.


Festive atmosphere. We can actually participate in fun events (including bouncing castles) before the race starts. Might not be a good idea for younger kids in case they exert too much energy 🙂

Kiwi (one of the mascots) ready to flag off the 2km category. We had signed up for the Fruity Family Run as I was not sure whether my girl was enthusiastic about 2 km.

Very competitive kids, they were dashing to the start point. Hello, race has not started yet 🙂


I would commend the Cold Storage Kids Run organisers for a well organised run. Runners were guided into wait pens, they were allow to run in waves to minimised congestion. The process and flow was both neat and with safety in mind.

Parents who are waiting at the end-point must have a matching “wrist-tag” in order to pickup their child. This is a good measure to ensure kids will not be lost.

More mascots for photo opportunities. The DJ keep repeating “Baby shark”, toddlers are happy but poor parents (my ears!)

And so we got ready for 800m. The moment we gather at the race pen, I know this would be easy peasy for Boon Xin and me.

Looking around, Boon Xin is easily a head taller than the other participants, all are so young and so short hee hee.

Kudos to the families who have decided to stat Sunday early and enjoy a healthy bonding opportunity.

I am going to keep my Cold Storage Kids Run tattoo for one more day

This is our first solo run, I hope the 800m will be a start for more runs to come. You may refer to our family’s running adventures here (tagged running).


I suspect the route might be even shorter, two turns and we are done. It was too easy for Boon Xin, she had only just warm up 🙂

Video (YouTube link) : We had Fun along the route, but we noticed many families were hogging the center lane too. If you are walking , keep to the left please.


Well done, 阿妹 (Ah Mei)!

Poster from Cold Storage website

Among the different running categories, there was a 2km Besties Trail for the toddlers. Instead of obstacle courses, there are various checkpoints for families to learn about nutrition.

.. and is this toddler cute or not? She was just following in her Daddy’s foot step, and she earned loud applauses from the spectators and volunteers.

More fun activities await families after their run. Refreshment, fruits and you can find popcorn and cotton candy too.

We heard some of the finishers did not got their medals, I hope the organisers will followup quickly.

We hope more families had enjoyed a Good Morning workout with family.

I am so proud of my girl and happy that she had decided to join me in a solo run. First Run with my girl yes!

(Given an option, she would prefer to shop with Mom or perhaps enjoy food trips)

First Run with my girl
First Run with my girl

We would like to thank Cold Storage for the invitation. I had fun running with my princess. For more details about Cold Storage Kids Run 2018, do pop by their Website and Facebook.


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