Singapore Garden Festival 2014

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From 16-24 Aug, Singapore Garden Festival 2014 (SGF) wil bloom at Gardens by the Bay. Jointly organised by “National Parks Board (nparks)” and “Gardens By The Bay (GBTB)”, this is the first time SGF is held outdoors.

You can expect floral display, landscaping and acquire some inspirations to decorate your balcony, kitchen, and dining table too!

Regardless of which corner you are taking a selfie, there is always MBS, GardensByTheDome’s Domes or CBD in the background :)

The main exhibits would be at the Meadow (10min slow walk from Flower Dome). But make sure you spend some time at SuperTree Grove (shopping) and Flower Dome (Orchids Extravaganza)

Refer to the map below or this link.

Butterflies (counted at least 10 real ones) have gatecrashed SGF 2014, and that must be the biggest compliment any gardener can receive.

Truly nature’s endorsement :)

The butterfly led us to the grasshoppers, ladybird and dragonflies (the usual mascots).

Weather permits (from rain and shine), plenty of photo opportunities await families.

Flowers (notably Orchids) are spotted around many corners, forming colourful backdrop or simply photo accessories.

Appreciate 15 Fantasy and Landscape Show-gardens from award winning designers. Nature’s art pieces.

Decorate your balcony, perhaps. There are 8 “booths” to spark your creativity.

No shopping for Daddy, but you will get to shop at over 80 stalls selling plants and gardening products. Do take note that Marketplace is in a Free area (no tickets needed).

We can even buy plants designed to attract butterflies :)

Indoors, there are “14 Floral Windows to the World”. Cut flowers display and master florists are waiting to thrill, just like a Arts-Nature gallery.

Everyone will get to enjoy the flower art (even decoration competition) in aircon comfort.

In one of the cubicles, Daddy found some interesting and cute plants with animals and insects names!

Crocodile (the leaves got scales!), Stingray, Flamingo are easy to guess, and caterpillar too :)

Dining Table concept. Just an idea, maybe someone would really consider decorating their dining area? Perhaps, for starters, you can pluck rose petals from the table, green beans from the chair :p

Ice Queen.

Even the kitchen Island can host your herbs and spices (all plants). Do not throw away your old CRT monitor (and toy soldiers).

Miniature Gardens are new in Singapore Garden Festival. Everything in the garden (six of them) is scaled down, really intricate and pretty!

We spotted Harry Potter’s Greenhouse!

CIB (Community in Boom) are the volunteers in your neighbourhood. Young and old, all are passionate gardeners. They were on hand to show visitors some diy handicrafts, including grasshoppers.

Photography starts early for the kids. Quality is quite impressive.

You can join in SGF’s photo contest too. Click on SGF2014 Fanpage‘s Colours Tab.

We would like to recommend you to pop by SGF 2014 Gardeners’ cup too. This is a friendly competition among CIB teams.

The mini plots of garden offer plenty of opportunities to Scent, Touch, See, Hear and even Taste (5 senses).

Learning Garden will showcase edible plants, herbs and spices. Daddy loves the padi fields.

Fruits vegetables spices Garden Festival

Orchid Extravaganza is held at Flower Dome.

Rows and rows of Orchids to pose and to photograph, but be prepared to queue :)

Orchid Extravaganza features some 18,000 Orchids from 40 different species. Love the white Orchids which arches overhead.

Orchids Galore! Natural light seems to make the Orchids translucent.

Are these Orchids too? Daddy’s favourite could be the miniature on the right (scientific name Enchclia Radiata)

Wow purple tongues !

Orchid Kaleidoscope , that 10m tall structure in the center, is the highlight of Flower Dome.

You cannot climb up, but everyone should take one or more selfie inside the Orchid Tower (Kaleidoscope). The colourful Orchids spiral upwards into the opening. Spectacular!
Orchid Kailedoscope

Daddy can stay in Flower Dome for hours just admiring and whiffing every Orchid. Orchid Extravaganza might rival Tulipmania as one of GBTB’s best display :)

Do take note that Orchid Extravaganza ends on 21Sep (Singapore Garden Festival ends 24Aug).

Video : Highlights of Singapore Garden Festival

Tips to enjoy Singapore Garden Festival 2014 :

- Singapore Garden Festival 2014 blooms from 16-24Aug (10am – 10pm daily)
- Orchid Extravaganza (Flower Dome) runs from now till 21Sep

- SGF2014 ticket entitles you to free entry at Flower Dome (a good deal), and it is only $10/$14 (Adults weekday/weekend respectively), and $5/$8 for children).
- You can choose to visit Flower dome on another day (check validity date at SGF2014)
- It can be very warm outdoors but it is cool indoors (contrasting temperate). Take care of the younger kids and older folks.

- We started our tour at 8am, that’s why some of the photos do not have a crowd. Gardens by the Bay is packed on weekends! There is still room for strollers and wheelchairs.

- Carpark will be full, do pop by Gardens By The Bay website for parking advise
- Buy your Singapore Garden Festival tickets online at GBTB website to avoid the queue

More updates can be found on the following channels :

- SGF 2014 and GBTB Fanpage
- GBTB Orchid Extravaganza
- SGF 2014 website ( a lot of photos and activities are from previous editions)
- Tag away at Instagrams SgGardenFest, GardensbytheBay and Nparksbuzz

(image credit SGF 2014)

Do pop by our friends’ reviews, Cheekiemonkie, Dejiki, BPDG, PrincessDanaDiaries, TheWackyDuo and Miracule.

Hurry ok, Singapore Garden Festival ends this coming Sunday. And Singaporeans like to wait until last minute then throng events :p

Referring to our first simple image, at Singapore Garden Festival 2014, it does not matter whether it is “City in a Garden” or “Garden in a City”. Both are apt for showcasing our pretty island :)

More photos can be found on our Fanpage album. Read all our GardensByTheBay stories here.

Da:ns Festival invited us for a Bhangra dance!

[ Media Invite ]

Boy did we Bhangra boogie and dance this morning :)

Bollywood, Salsa, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango and Flamenco!
These are some of the dance moves you can attempt at da:ns Festival.

Always wanted to try a new Dance move but shy?
Always wish to dance with your child?
Or perhaps Bellydance? (which we heard is one of the more popular ones)
“Grandparents & Kids Line Dance” workshop is planned for Sep too, Steady!

DA:NS Festival has some cool slick workshops designed for passionate novice like you and us. The organisers wish to encourage more to enjoy dancing.
Esplanade Parent child Dance

During our Bhangra dance (Parents and Kids) workshop, Daddy got the impression that all Punjabis are so gifted when it comes to dance and entertainment :)

Wow! Never thought we would actually attempt Punjabi Folk Dance haha. It did not took us long to learn some nifty Bhangra moves, and the parent and child groups in our workshop enjoy their bonding sessions too.

To quote from da:ns
“Bhangra is an exciting high energy Punjabi folk dance that boys and girls would enjoy. In general, there’s always a good mix of boys and girls participating in Bhangra, and these days, the modern Bhangra dance form is often fused with Western dance influences and often used as fitness cardio routines.”

(image credit da:ns Festival)

Video : Not ready to appear on Vasatham yet, but Boy oh Boy , did we had Fun!

Back to the first paragraph, Singapore can enjoy so many dance classes because we got so many cultures in our society. Boon Kang told Daddy he even had Bhangra exercises in his PE lessons before :)

Thank you teachers for the coaching and Esplanade for the invite, Daddy had so much Fun dancing with the boys!

More Da:ns Festival’s schedules and promotions can be found on its Website, Fanpage or Instagram. Click for 2013′s Parent-child workshops youtube link.

When you see a Bhangra dance in motion, it is so infectious that you just need to jiggle and smile. Checkout America got Talent’s Cornell Bhangra :)

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