Gardens by the Bay will blossom on 29th Jun

In less than 48 hours, Marina Bay welcomes Gardens by the Bay.
If you are looking for flowers and flora landscaping, welcome to Singapore’s jewel Gardens. (photo taken from Skypark)

We were there last year for a sneak preview, and it left us speechless.
Do pop by our 3 days album (Day and Night) to find out why we are recommending families to visit. (click on image below)

Our Gardens adventures :
Mesmerizing Night shoot
Spectacular Flower dome (view the world from behind the glass walls)
– we went for a photoshoot at Bay East, offering you a splendid view of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens is free, except for the two conservatories (from $8 to $28) and the skywalk ($5). You can gather more details, concerts and pricing about Gardens from their webpage and fanpage.

SengkangBabies are very happy to be invited by team Marina Bay as “amBAYssador” to Gardens’ opening. Yeah, this means we have unlimited access to our new Gardens playground 🙂

We hope your family will enjoy Gardens, as much as we do.

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A not-so-short walk along Sungei Serangoon

On Labour day, the kids’ pre-school organised a morning walk for families to get together. This should be fun, if our kids survive the 5km haha !

We start with a bang, as balloons float away and the occasional explosion, all the families gathered at the start line. We told the kids just follow the blue balloons.

Heng family’s Denver and Gladys were with us too.

..bringing our blue balloons into the green foliage of Punggol Park. Oh, are you aware Punggol park is not in Punggol?

We walk, and we walk and we walk, for a whole 5km ! There was minimum shelter along Sungei Serangoon, please bring your cap along.

Kids keep asking “Are we there yet” ?

We are only halfway to 1/2 way point (at Punggol Promenade), and kids are getting impatient and tired.

We took another 30min to reach 1/2 way point. Butterflies and dragonflies accompany us along the way. There were so many creepy caterpillars on the floor !

Ice cream and refreshment await participants at the 1/2 way point. Everyone is either tanned or melting from the sun.

5km for adults might take 30min to complete, but it took us 3 hours with three stops.
Xin and Yi kept grumbling under the hot sun, and we have to take turn to carry our girl.

They still make it to the end point, so Proud of the kids. Even Daddy had to keep his camera on the return trip, too tired.

Did you know an otter family of seven resides in Sungei Serangoon? Our friend, Peter, mention the otters usually come out after 4pm, it must be an awesome sight to watch them cruising down the river.
(photo courtesy from

At the end point, we just love bubbles, especially when Wei and Kang keep sticking the bubbles onto Xin and Yi’s hair !

It does not matter even if the younger ones cannot blow a proper bubble, as long as they have fun.

Daddy promise to bring the kids to cycle along Sungei Serangoon soon.
This stretch is highly recommended for families acitivities 🙂

Punggol promenade is a little enclave at Punggol, beside F&B outlets, it provides respite for nearby residents. Daddy did some night shots along Sungei Serangoon last year, love the iconic bridge too.

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