FOLR gives parents a peace of mind

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As parents, we are always concern about kids’ welfare. Do they know their way back after their CCA? Actually, we are wondering whether kids will detour to the neighbourhood 7-11 or game arcade, soccer field (etc) before heading home :p

When we go on holidays or any shopping malls, we are paranoid when kids start playing hide & seek, we are always on the lookout for suspicious characters.

Introducing FOLR, an app which allows us to know our kids’ where-about.
Some parents might find this an invasion of privacy, but we would prefer to call it a peace of mind.

Our kids will first need to “Accept” that Daddy wants to track them :p
This is a security measure to ensure that our regular activities and locations are not shared to ill-meaning strangers.

The recipient can then decide what time they wish to remain “visible”. FOLR will only report the location during specified time-window (eg picture below indicates 10am to 6.59pm).

Turn on your phone’s GPS, and FOLR will start tracing your footprints in real-time.

Refer to our timeline (and map) above, Mummy is aware that Daddy has brought Boon Yee and Boon Xin to Punggol waterway, or perhaps grocery shopping at NTUC.

Unfortunately, FOLR only allow you to view current location and period. To view history of up to one year, we need to upgrade FOLR with a fee of $38.98.

(image credit FOLR)

Remember to turn on your mobile GPS.

Checkout some other potential usage.

(image credit FOLR)

Download your Free FOLR now and give it a trial. More features about FOLR can be found on their website.
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(image credit FOLR)

Young Scientists comics brings kids knowledge and joy

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We have always love Young Scientists comics. The magazine format and comics presentation bring Science across in a Fun way. Thanks to OpenSchoolbag, we were gifted three sets of Young Scientists.

Although formal Science education starts in Primary 3, everyone can enjoy learning about Science and general knowledge earlier. Look at our P5 Brother coaching P1 Science ๐Ÿ™‚

At their young formative years, Science might be too abstract.
But Young Scientists comics make learning Fun (no stress).

It is just like reading a comic book. One can get addicted (adults inclusive).

Young Scientists Level 2 (for P3 and P4)
Young Scientist subscription price

Everything you need to know about Fungi (yes mushrooms) and Ghost sightings?
Crocodile need toothpicks, are you kidding? And some fun quizzes, PSLE format :p

Daddy ask Boon Kang what is the difference between his School’s science books and Young Scientists?
Bong Kang : Young Scientists has a game in the magazine and there are sometimes funny jokes (Discovery) at the back. I enjoy reading the book as the comics are interesting.

We have seen fighter jets zoom across the sky (RSAF Airshow), and Boon Kang gets to learn about sky trails.

Young Scientists Level 1 (for P1 and P2)
The contents can be about everyday things. The comics are designed to trigger young kids’ curiosity. Daddy find the pictorial articles easy to digest and visually attractive.

Boon Yee : I learn about sharks and a new animal call the stingray. I have seen it in Sea Aquarium and restaurant(!). Boon Yee loves discovering about new Sea creatures.

Besides Science topics like Blood types and Newton’s Gravity, Boon Yee learns about Kindness too. The more questions he ask, the more curious he gets.

You will also notice Youtube links for kids to get a better understanding.

Young Scientists Level 3 (for P5 and P6)
The older kids will learn more about the environment, like what causes Haze and Greenhouse effect.

Seldom see them so engrossed. Anything else beside TV programmes and Ipad is definitely a better option. (read our earlier review about Young Scientists)

Boon Wee : I love the colourful cartoon characters and the short stories. Young Scientist helps me to enjoy Science and gain knowledge in a fun relaxing way. The simple words used in the magazine helps me to understand better.

Thanks to Young Scientists, our kids are fascinated with Science, they are asking more questions and we sometimes see them spending more time devouring Science facts.

More details about Young Scientists magazines can be found on OpenSchoolbag website and Fanpage.

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