Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Five !

Jacob Ballas is 5 ! Singapore’s Children’s Garden has always been popular with parents and teachers. To celebrate it’s birthday, the whole garden was turn into a fun-filled carnival, with proceeds going into a fundraising pot.

Wow, we saw trains in the park, and kids are in hyper mode 🙂

Video : Carnival activities, the boat and train are popular

Look at the cheeky kids, Boon Yee and Xin tried to ram Daddy with their giraffe !

Some of the supporting vendors and brands are : Forum the Shopping Mall (information counter), Hard Rock Café, Julia Gabriel Centre, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre (Rochester Mall), Kids 21, The Marmalade Pantry(@ the City, Ion Orchard and @ the Stables, 55 Fairways drive), Oriole Café and Bar.

Kids just need to know a lot of food and games await them! So many families pop by to support the event (no wonder carpark space became a big headache haha)

Cousins big and small 🙂

Beside the usual attraction like the bouncing bridge, we found angry bird catapult too ! No real birds were used as ammunition.

Tree house. This is one of the must-try at Jacob Ballas, the other would be the water feature 🙂

We maximise our coupon to buy more snacks and tidbits. No thanks candy floss, too sweet for Daddy.

Wow, bouncing castle right in the center of the garden ! Unfortunately, we had to skip this due to the long queue.

More stalls providing games and food.

The whole garden is a big carnival, weather was pretty warm but the shades kept us cool.

Otherwise, the pirate boat should chill us up haha. Boon Yi got the same expression from Legoland haha.

Daddy ask them afterward whether they like to be pirates, both Yi and Xin request for second round !

Although the water feature was not available for the weekend, no one was complaining. There was a train track instead !

Choo Choo ! The smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile 🙂

Kids got to display their new percussion skill at the sand pit.

Time to look after our tummies. We finish up our coupon with more food.

That was how we spend our morning two Sats ago 🙂

We would like to take the opportunity to HI-5 Jacob Ballas for the invitation. Our kids enjoyed their garden outing again and the carnival atmosphere was fantastic. You might be interested to find out how the Wacky Duo brothers enjoy Jacob Ballas.

More photos are up at our fanpage album. Everything about Jacob Ballas can be found at their website.

** Please take note Jacob Balls is free, but adults can only enter the secret garden with an accompanying child :p

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