Kinabalu Park Garden Lodge

We found a fireplace in Sabah, at Kinabalu Park Garden Lodge.

Kinabalu Park Garden Lodge
Kinabalu Park Garden Lodge

Day 4 of our Sabah trip, after our cool Desa Cow farm tour, we drove up 1500m to Kinabalu Park (Kundasang)

Initially, we thought we will be occupying one or two rooms, not the whole bungalow! Kids wasted no time playing hide & seek.

Garden Lodge’s rate is RM3000 per night, what indulgence!
Kinabalu Park Garden Lodge

Exclusive lodges, these are the most expensive accommodation at Kinabalu Park (maps available on Amazing Borneo website). Our neighbour Submit Lodge has only one floor, but still retails at RM2000.
day 4 kinabalu park5

The English cottage feel and design, adults just want to relax and chill.
day 4 kinabalu park3

Consisting of two floors, we can choose from two bedrooms and multiple toilets. Every room comes with its own heater, no aircon needed. Temperature will drop to 15 degrees in the evenings.
kinabalu park lodge rate

Spacious Hall, but we found it too quiet in the evening. We can hear distinct cricket symphony performing in the backyard 🙂
Kinabalua Park Lodge

Comfort and luxury, we can enjoy both at Garden Lodge. The highlight for the kids must be the fireplace, giving us an advance Christmas feel 🙂
day 4 kinabalu park7

Video (link) : Celebrating advance Christmas with Garden Lodge fireplace

Majestic Mount Kinabalu in the background, we see her on our way to breakfast and dinner.
view of Mount Kinabalu

No one can resist taking selfie wefie with HER as backdrop. Imposing.
kinabalu mountain instagram

Slow 10min walk to our canteen. We really do not mind as the cool weather is between 15 to 20 degrees. Breathe in more fresh air.
kinabalu park hiking

Simple buffet spread for your meals, at Balsam.
day 4 kinabalu park9
kinabalu park restaurant

kinabalu botanical Garden
Kinabalu Park

We visited Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden too, a 15min walk from our bungalow.

Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden
Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden

Up close with nature, if the season is correct, you might get to visit the huge Rafflesia too.

day 4 kinabalu park

We were blessed with good sunny weather throughout our stay in Sabah, even though it was forecasted to rain.
The good weather allows us to fully enjoy day activities in our itinerary 🙂

One of the trails displayed at Balsam, the peak is only 4000m, we can do it :p

I hope to climb Mount Kinabalu with Boon Wee soon, you can review our friend’s fun but tiring episode here.

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Disclaimer : Garden Lodge 1N stay and meals are sponsored by Amazing Borneo.

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