Taiwan 台北 family itinerary

Since school holiday is here, we thought we could share our Taiwan Family Itinerary with more families here. This post was first posted at our old blog.

*2017 Family trip is here (Cing Jing, Sun Moon Lake, Tai Chung, Keelung)

Daddy stayed 3 nights, before SengkangBabies came for another 5 nights. Taipei and TaoYuan is packed with kids activities to keep us entertained ! Initially, we intended to leave Wen Xin behind in Singapore, but Mummy could not bear too.

We make a right choice to bring her to Taiwan, Xin had fun along with us, although we had our fair share of tantrums !

Below pictures are randomly selected, and more details will be shared along our Taipei trail. Some pictures need no introduction, because they are iconic landmarks, or their “smell” will haunt you haha. Scroll down for SengkangBabies’ 9D8N 台北 itinerary

There is only one word to describe Taiwan, . (and we have not even explore the rest of Taiwan yet !!)

Taipei Itinerary

Click on the links below for our 9D8N Taipei adventure, we guarantee you will be visiting Taiwan soon !

Taipei Itinerary – http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2011/06/taiwan-itinerary.html

Day 1 – Arrival

Day 2 – National Museum (故宮), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (紀念堂), Taipei 101, 士林夜市 (Shi Lin Night Market)

Day 3 – Nanya Rock (南雅), 九份, YeLiu Geopark (野柳), Yang Ming Shan hotspring (陽明山)

Day 4 – 北投 Hell Valley, 淡水老街

Day 5 – Tao Yuan (桃园) LeoFoo 六福村 (Safari resort and Amusement park)

Day 6 – 小人國, 寧夏 (Ning Xia Night market)

Day 7 – Baby Boss (職業體驗城), ( 西門町 Xi Men Ding)

Day 8 – Taipei Zoo, Maokong (貓空)

Day 9 – Home

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More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web –>

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On the way back SQ gave us a Pineapple cake. I am missing Taiwan already !

ps.. 2017, kids are now bigger and we more activities (hike and cycling) in our itinerary, read our 2017 Itinerary here

*Updated 2019Oct – We cycled 250 km from Hualien to Taitung. Super Fun !

Cycling Hualien to Taitung
Cycling Hualien to Taitung

Bosch Automotive Check-in Week – from 28May to 02Jun

Daddy always thought Bosch is about power-drills (those found in DIY outlets) or washing machines, but little did he know Bosch is HUGH in the automotive industry.

Michael Goh (Country Sales manager for SG) shares with us that Automotive sales account for almost 50% of group sales ! To quote from Bosch Fanpage (about servicing)
=== === === ===
With more than 14,000 Bosch Service partners, we are the largest independent workshop organization in the world.
We work with the know-how from Bosch the biggest car parts manufacturer in the world offering a wide range of Original equipment vehicle parts and diagnostic equipment.
When it comes to high-quality, affordable maintenance and repairs for all makes, look no further than Bosch Car Service!
=== === === ===

He went on to elaborate that under the hoods of most common automotive Brands, Bosch’s engineering and patents lie underneath.

Now, why is Daddy suddenly talking about Bosch and car servicing?
Bosch is running an Automotive Check-in Week from 28May to 02Jun.
You can click for more details from Bosch Fanpage.

In partnership with Omy, Daddy has been selected as one of six bloggers to compete at Bosch’s Amazing Race this coming Sat.

=== === === ===
Summary of Bosch Automotive Checkin events :
31May – 10am to 6pm – Bosch Roadshow at Chevron House, Raffles Place MRT
Besides tips on car maintenance from the experts, you can get Bosch wipers at 50% off.

31May – Bosch car servicing outlets (total six) is offering 50% off your car servicing ! Please call your preferred workshop contact for an appointment.

From 28th May to 01Jun, Facebook or Foursquare Check-in at participating Bosch outlets to enjoy a FREE 15-points check on your car.

(All promotions and events listed above are subject to Bosch and Omy’s T&C)
=== === === ===

Bosch motto is “Invented for Life”.

We are looking forward to Sat’s event. Besides looking for Bosch’s mascot “Uncle Bob”, we will also learn about some car maintenance tips. Hopefully we do not have to change tyres or drink водка (Vodka) at the pit-stops ! (We heard a Bosch Russian manager will be manning one of the workshop on Sat)

Maybe our car can get a free vacuum service. Our kids love to invite pet “roaches” into our cars with their tidbits and sweets!

For more Bosch Automotive check-in promotions and updates, do pop by and “Like” Bosch Fanpage –> https://www.facebook.com/Bosch.Automotive.Singapore

Photo credit – Bosch posters are taken from Bosch Fanpage

**updated 07Jun – read our Our Amazing Race experience

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