28th SEA Games Carnival

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To encourage more families to enjoy sports, the 28th SEA Games Carnival will provide fun activities and creative sports try-out for everyone from 31 May – 16 June.

We popped by the Singapore SportsHub last Sat and Sun, as one day is not enough πŸ™‚

To get into the SEA Games mood, our boys got Nila hairstyles too!
Nila haircut

From 31 May to 16 June, the SEA Games Carnival will be welcoming all junior sportsmen and sportswomen.
Seagames goodie bag
SEA Games Carnival map

We are confident families will enjoy Sea Games Carnival as much as us. Here is our kids’ list of their favourite activities :
– NineBot
– Laser Tag
– Zorb Bowling


Ninebot was Fun, after we got our balance. Kids seem to master Ninebot faster than adults. Expect long queue as Ninebot is addictive.
Ninebot Seagames

Video : Check out our Boxing (more sparks than Pacman Mayweather match) and Ninebot video (feels like Mall Cop)

Laser Tag is not only for boys, just ask Boon Xin. Although she could not aim straight, our girl had fun running the course and sometimes shooting her own “team mates” πŸ™‚
Seagames Laser tag

Kids are serious about eliminating their enemies!
20150530 Seagames Sports hub16

Human guinea pig, or is it Human washing machine? Either way, Zorb Bowling is super Fun!

Just roll inside the Zorb and push the pins down. Losing your balance and somersaulting within is part of the Fun. Laughter (from participants and parents) guaranteed!
20150530 Seagames Sports hub1

Another event which amused parents Dads would be boxing. Boon Yee eagerly waiting to enter the ring.
20150530 Seagames Sports hub7

Boxing gif shows the comical side of boxing, Brothers settle their disputes with enlarged gloves.
Seagames Carnival Boxing

Nila mascots are everywhere. Kids had fun posing with their favourite sports.
20150530 Seagames Sports hub3
Seagames 2015
Nila Seagames
20150530 Seagames Sports hub6

During rest times, kids can indulge in some cosmetic and tattoo fun, or simply draw their own SEA Games Torch.
20150530 Seagames Sports hub2

Bouncing castle, Giant Slide (10m tall!), and Flying Dunk (the hoop is only 5m tall!),
there is something for everyone.
Seagames carnival bouncing castle

Keep walking on (corn-starched) water, or you will sink. Kids needed no excuse to get their toes wet.
Walk on Water

Perhaps, some might prefer sprinting?
20150530 Seagames Sports hub10

From 9 to 12 June, send your boys and girls to do the 80-metre dash at the National Stadium Promenade where the fastest runner of the day wins a prize! πŸ™‚
80 metres fastest boy girl dash
(image credit SEA Games)

More Sea Games Carnival activities spotted, we could not finish every game on one day. Popular games will need to queue up to 30 minutes.
SeagamesFamily activities

Doodle and tribute to LKY.
20150530 Seagames Sports hub11

Stage performance, kids can dance, family participation or enjoy live band performances.

Carnival costumes and performances to wow the kids.
Seagames Carnival

Do look out for fringe activities and roving performers throughout the day.
If your kids love sports, the SEA Games Carnival at the Singapore SportsHub will be ideal to entertain the kids this June Holidays.

Video : Sport Singapore Video introduction of 28th SEA Games Carnival

More tips to enjoy the 28th SEA Games Carnival :

– Opening hours – 10am to 9pm daily except:
(5 Jun–10am to 5pm, 16 Jun–10am to 5pm)

– The full list of the 28th SEA Games Carnival is available at this link -–> https://www.seagames2015.com/get-involved/28th-sea-games-carnival

– Follow Sea Games website and Fanpage for the latest updates

– The SportsHub will be hot as families pack the area and sometimes queues can be under the sun. Stay hydrated and apply more suntan lotion. We find ourselves seeking aircon comfort inside Kallang Wave Mall.

– Nearest MRT will be Stadium MRT
– All activities are free!
– Our SEA Games Carnival photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album

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