Sakura Singapore 2018

Gardens by The Bay (GBTB) is celebrating Sakura Singapore (樱花) from now till 08 April and families are rejoicing! (Sakura Matsuri event)

Matsuri (祭) is Japanese word for Festival, and Japan is already forecasting first blooms in Tokyo.

Spring is here 春天来了

If you are an anime fan, today is the last day to catch the cosplayers in action (schedule and programme link). Sorry Pikachu Parade was only one run on the 17th.

Temperature in Flower Dome is kept at a cool 19 degrees to prolong the sakura’s lifespan. Also known as Cherry blossom, the flowering will normally last around one week.

Torii gate greeted us at the entrance of Flower Dome. Whip out your cameras and phones 🙂

Besides the beautiful Sakuras, GBTB has added dolls into the landscaping.

These life-like dolls infuse a dimension of Japan into the setting. Many are dressed in intricate Kimonos!

Tea house in the center.

Introducing the stars of Sakura Matsuri, the Sakura flowers 🙂

They look splendid from all angles, I like to look up and see the sakura canopy above us. Closeups macros are even more endearing.

More wefie and family photos 🙂

Popular corners will need to queue too, but I am only piqued by the constant stream of photo bombers (we are guilty too haha!)

Japanese themed bridges, umbrellas and Torii gates add to the feel 🙂

Look closer, some sakuras are still budding

The cosplayers are attracting some attention too! The makeup, costumes, are elaborate and the actors really spend a lot of efforts to craft the desired appearance.

We must have seen at least 50 cosplayers, mostly females. I only noticed the hair and iris colours haha, purple, red, blue, white, green or orange.

Any colour except black :p

Our kids are not anime fans but we find these folks (and culture) fascinating. You can spot many more characters at hashtag #SakuraMatsuri

You can catch anisong concerts and even a cosplay parade from 5pm onwards.

Map below indicate that most of the activities are confined to three areas. Except for Flower dome entrance, all other activities are free.

Fringe activities include posing with famous cosplayers from the region and do look out for the pulsating Taito drums performance.


Refer to the first photo of no1 Wei, he is imagining the splendid spread of Sakura Blossoms in Tokyo 🙂

We hope your family will enjoy Singapore’s magnificent Sakura Matsuri too. One day, I will bring them to see the real deal in Japan 🙂

Tips to enjoy Sakura Singapore (Sakura Matsuri) at GBTB :

-It will be crowded, buy the tickets online to avoid the queue

-Take note of the ‘special events” timing, so you plan accordingly (refer link to Sakura Matsuri below)

-Carpark space will be packed, alternate carparks at Satay, Barrage will be full house too. Drop your family at Gardens by the Bay Visitor area, and try parallel park at “Marina Mall”

-Flower Dome itself will be swamped!  It will be super difficult to get your perfect portraiture, even harder to mount your tripod

-Although official cosplay activities are only on 17/18 Mar weekend. You will still spot many cosplay enthusiasts (with wings and swords too!)

-Leave the mat and picnic at home, you cannot hanami in Flower Dome :p

Sakura Singapore
Sakura Singapore

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Happy 1st Birthday, Gardens by the Bay

[ Media Invite ]

Siblings are never too young to party. We had swung by The Meadows to picnic last Sat.

Last Sat was also Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) First Birthday celebration ! It seems like just yesterday when we attended it’s opening. We remembered it was also during NDP rehearsals period..

(image credit GBTB fanpage)

Since then, Meadow has hosted countless international gigs and concerts. We even welcome the Gardens’ 5th Million visitor ! GBTB is now no7 on Singapore’s top attractions, according to Tripadvisor.

Families gather at the Meadow for a picnic and concert 🙂

Thank you GBTB team, we get to party, dine and even enjoy the concert 🙂

All around us, on the slopes, we see families bonding and enjoying the carnival-like activities.

Video : Picnic and Party time

Activities for everyone from 3 to 80 years old.

Smiling faces everywhere, kids were literally running up and down the slopes. We always love the vast open space at Gardens 🙂

Artistes Jack and Rai, Lee Fei Hui, Taufik Batisah and Kit Chan kept everyone delighted. We are glad 奶奶 (Nai Nai) could join us for a relaxing afternoon.

The crowd even get to enjoy Red Lions parachuting, Chinook flypast and F15s, thanks to NDP rehearsal.

If all fails, bubbles will always save the day for our kids 🙂

Happy family. The kids could not stop eating the crackers 🙂

(Image credit Lina Wee)

Happy Birthday GBTB ! Thank you for all the lovely Memories ! Continue to blossom and attract more families and events to Marina South.

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From now till 07Jul, if you happen to stay later near the SuperTree Grove, you might see some magical transformation 🙂

(Image Credit Mentorgraphy’s Andrew)

Click for 2012 Jul’s opening event, and more picnic photos on our fanpage 🙂

More details about Gardens by the Bay :
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Video : And this was how Gardens was first conceptualised 🙂