Happy 1st Birthday, Gardens by the Bay

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Siblings are never too young to party. We had swung by The Meadows to picnic last Sat.

Last Sat was also Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) First Birthday celebration ! It seems like just yesterday when we attended it’s opening. We remembered it was also during NDP rehearsals period..

(image credit GBTB fanpage)

Since then, Meadow has hosted countless international gigs and concerts. We even welcome the Gardens’ 5th Million visitor ! GBTB is now no7 on Singapore’s top attractions, according to Tripadvisor.

Families gather at the Meadow for a picnic and concert 🙂

Thank you GBTB team, we get to party, dine and even enjoy the concert 🙂

All around us, on the slopes, we see families bonding and enjoying the carnival-like activities.

Video : Picnic and Party time

Activities for everyone from 3 to 80 years old.

Smiling faces everywhere, kids were literally running up and down the slopes. We always love the vast open space at Gardens 🙂

Artistes Jack and Rai, Lee Fei Hui, Taufik Batisah and Kit Chan kept everyone delighted. We are glad 奶奶 (Nai Nai) could join us for a relaxing afternoon.

The crowd even get to enjoy Red Lions parachuting, Chinook flypast and F15s, thanks to NDP rehearsal.

If all fails, bubbles will always save the day for our kids 🙂

Happy family. The kids could not stop eating the crackers 🙂

(Image credit Lina Wee)

Happy Birthday GBTB ! Thank you for all the lovely Memories ! Continue to blossom and attract more families and events to Marina South.

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From now till 07Jul, if you happen to stay later near the SuperTree Grove, you might see some magical transformation 🙂

(Image Credit Mentorgraphy’s Andrew)

Click for 2012 Jul’s opening event, and more picnic photos on our fanpage 🙂

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Video : And this was how Gardens was first conceptualised 🙂

Gardens by the Bay, Tulips and Satays

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From now till 20th May, Tulipmania is in Full Bloom at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB, 滨海湾花园). Please go in the morning when the blooms are most enchanting.

GBTB’s management must have spotted hardworking Boon Yee planting his tulips earlier, our whole family were invited to see boy’s labour of LovE.

We quickly tour the cacti and baobab in Flower dome.

We are too early by two days, and most of the Tulips are still sleeping, so we make do with more family portraits. We are recommending you to pop by CheekieMonkies’s blog to see Tulips in full bloom 🙂

We all agree Flower Dome 很漂亮 (so pretty).

Windmill, clogs and almost everything else, is fun-worthy for SengkangBabies 🙂

This coming weekend, maybe you would like to bring Mummy down to admire the Tulips? We wish all the 妈妈 out there Happy Mother’s Day in advance 🙂

Since the real tulips have not bloom yet, we improvise with bookmarks 🙂

Next stop, Cloud Forest. We plan our entry to catch the mist at 4pm.
(daily timing 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm).

Awesome atmosphere, with the blurred vision, kids must have felt a tinge bit of chill, but their limbs were warming up to explore the surroundings 🙂

Cloud Walk, can you imagine yourself playing hide and seek with the clouds?

Someone added a train set at the ground floor.

As we climb higher, we saw some L-O-N-G slides in the distance, a New playground will be ready around 2013 Q3 or Q4.

Last stop is Satay by the Bay. This hawker centre styled joint tries to recreate the old Satay-club ambiance. We heard it can accommodate up to 1,000 diners but parking lots might be difficult to find in the evenings.

We ordered Rojak and Satays (since this is Satay by the Bay right?) from the other stall (not CitySatay). There are quite a few seafood BBQ stalls too.

(2013Nov the Roti John is good too)

Most food price starts from $4 onward, and our satay was $16 for 20 chicken sticks. Daddy loves the gravy, but too bad the parents only got 1 stick each !

That is the kids’ way of telling parents Satay is good 🙂

Satay by the Bay is actually nearer to Marina Barrage, did you see Tray “BAY” ? We would recommend dining here, and enjoying the sea breeze at the same time 🙂

If you run out of fun itinerary for the family, maybe Marina South will keep your family occupied for half a day.

Our Love story with Marina South started in 2008, when Marina Barrage just opened. Before that, Marina Bay MRT is the end of the line, full stop.

Since then, MBS, Gardens By The Bay have totally transformed the area :

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Did you know you can take Bus 400 from Marina Bay MRT to reach GBTB? The other option is walking from Bay Front MRT. A free shuttle bus to Satay-By-The-Bay during weekday lunch period (1130 to 1430).