3M’s new LED6000 polarizing light

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Sometime back, Daddy was invited to 3M’s Light event. Over dinner at 7Adam, we got to know about 3M’s lamp and technology more intimately.

Our eyesight is very important, but how many of us know how to take good care of our eyes? Dr Lee Sao Bing (from Shinagawa) shared some eyecare tips with us.

Studies show that when we are too near to a computer screen or book for an extended period of time, it is easier to get myopia. Kids between 7 to 12 years old are in the high-risk group (Yes, likely source is homework).

A reading distance of 30cm is a good gauge to read our Panda story.

This is where Good Lighting helps. When illumination is good, there is less strain on our eyes. However, NOT all lightings are the same :

Too bright – Glare and strain, eyes will be tired
Flickering – The eyes will find it hard to focus on the screen and reading material

Good Eye care recommendations from Shinagawa.
** More eyecare tips from HPB.

*image credit (the poster above is from Shinagawa’s powerpoint)

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3M’s Polarizing Light technology was first introduced in 2003. LED6000 is the latest lamp from 3M to improve our reading comfort.

Additional 3M LED6000 benefits :
Anti glare – helps minimise bounced light, which can cause eye strain

Cost savings – lower power consumption results in energy and cost savings. The LED light can last up to 50,000 hours.

Flexible adjustment – the head unit can be twisted left right, up or down to provide the best illumination

Light weight – portable and small footprint means we can shift the lamp between rooms

3M’s LED6000 is retailing for $269 at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite, Prologue and other leading retailers.

We would like to thanks 3M for sponsoring us with one unit of LED6000. Boon Yi and Boon Xin can now enjoy their story-time under better lighting πŸ™‚

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