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Recently, our kids had the opportunity to say “Smile, you are on candid camera”. Thanks to Foscam Wireless IP Camera, we had the opportunity to review their best seller, the 8910W.

Foscam 8910

Growing up, if Daddy misbehaves, his parents will threaten We-call-the-police. Daddy says our generation is now smarter, so he will just say CCTV is looking :p

Kids will then freeze for all of 10 seconds, which gives parent an opportunity to explain why the kids (maybe) need to cool down a bit.

Personally, Daddy find Foscam products affordable ($129) and setup is straightforward. How much would you invest for a piece of mind?

More features about Foscam 8910W can be found on Foscam website.
Recording with Foscam

1) Within 10 minutes, our Wireless IP camera has been connected to our home Wifi. If you have configured your home network, you will find Foscam setup easy.

2) Next, we need to make our Foscam accessible from the internet. The instruction menu will guide you through port forwarding. This should be straight forward too, otherwise Foscam technical support would be glad to assist.

3) Download app “IP Cam Viewer Lite” and you will be able to “spy” at the kids from anywhere.
How to configure IP Cam, IP Cam android

In 3 easy steps, we have setup Foscam 8910W in our hall. Foscam FAQ might help you better understand which unit is more suitable for your home or office.

To view the video feed, you can connect to the Wireless IP camera via DDNS (view through web browser), or through a Mobile app (IP Cam Viewer Lite).

The former option (DDNS) is Free (for 3 years) and allows you to record too. For the Mobile app, the free version will only let you see. To hear, speak or to record a clip, you need to upgrade to full version (estimated $5)

Best selling Foscam

What can we do with our Foscam 8910W?
-We will know whether Boon Yee is doing his homework or playing heh heh
-Or Daddy can Monitor whether Boon Wee is spending too much time on IPAD
-Or we can catch the “culprit” who never keep his\her toys :p
-You can monitor baby who is sleeping soundly in another room
-Some parents might wish to monitor whether helpers are working

If you have a big house, you will need multiple cameras to secure all blind spots.

Foscam 8910W supports up to 9 cameras on IE πŸ™‚

Daddy would like to highlight a few useful features.

The 8910W comes with Infra Red functionality too, meaning the unit can “see” in total darkness and you get notified when baby moves or make a sound.

With motion detection, every movement can be recorded.
The above two features are ideal when 8910W acts as a Baby Monitor.

We can even setup a schedule for our Foscam 8910W to only record during specific hours.

(baby borrowed from Foscam website)

Photo and Video quality from our Foscam is decent (day and night). We left our 8910W running over 48 hours, and we are pleasantly surprise to know that the unit was only luke warm.

Foscam 8910W comes with 2 year warranty.

Video recording : Boon Xin caught snacking red handed !

To quote from Foscam menu :
“Recording and multi-device functionality is controlled by ActiveX (Internet Explorer browser). Therefore, these functions are not available in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.”

For more product updates and promotions, do pop by :
– Foscam website and Fanpage.

** From 21st to 23 Feb at Babycare Festival, Expo Hall 6, Foscam 8910W is retailing at only $110!

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