Baby Cot, outgrown

Three years ago, Boon Xin was only 47cm and 2.84kg.

Now, she can barely squeeze into her baby cot.

Just the other day, when Mummy commented that Boon Xin needs a new bed soon, ALARMS went off in Daddy’s head. Oh no, another baby has grown up too fast 🙂

Daddy could not believe it and ask Boon Xin to lie down straight on her bed (refer second photo). Then Daddy ask his toy-grandchild to pose too (first photo), for comparison sake.

The cot manufacturer indicated that the baby cot can last a kid till seven years old (estimated), and our trusty baby cot has witnessed our four kids growing up cm by cm, night after night.

–> Daddy is still in denial mode, our little Princess is 42 months old already.

Time flies, when we discard or giveaway our baby items, we realised how fast the kids have grown. Where are the Pacifiers, Milk bottles, bathtub, diapers, strollers etc etc

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