Cycle to Ulu Sembawang Sunrise and mist

Cycle to Ulu Sembawang PCN if you like sunrise and mist. The pictures below will make your sweat and fatigue worthwhile.

I have briefly covered Ulu Sembawang PCN, when I blog about 50km North to Woodlands. This blog post will orientate the direction from Sengkang Punggol to Ulu Sembawang PCN

*YouTube link, check out the Scenic sunrise and mist 

However, I would recommend folks to orientate the paths at least once during daylight.

This 2 km PCN stretch (between Mandai and Woodlands) has slopes and no lighting inside after sunset! It can get pretty eerie when you are cycling alone, even if you have a 1000 lumen torch!

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Take note of the long slopes along Mandai Road first. As I cycled along, the orange hue sky caught up with me.

*Do take the PCN path on the left side (with respect to direction from Mandai towards BKE). The other side of the road is narrow and littered with debris (tree branches  and leaves).

Mandai Road entrance (taken during day time). Imagine staring into pure darkness at 0600 0r 2000! Not a pleasant thought to encounter a puncture deep inside.

Another reason for company is for added protection from wild boars and dogs.

As I struggled up the slopes, the ray of lights seem to welcome me. Breathless yet full of anticipation.

Below views will revitalise your energy, the effort and sacrifice of sleep is worth it!

Cycle to Ulu Sembawang
Cycle to Ulu Sembawang

Love the mist floating over the horizon.

Avoid weekends unless you like to jostle with crowds.

Be there at 0630, expect orange and pink hues till 0645.
Sunrise (Egg Yolk) should appear after 0655.

The mist adds to the awesome experience!

Sunrise at Ulu Sembawang PCN
Sunrise at Ulu Sembawang PCN

On days when the forest grounds are more wet, this corridor will be covered with thick mist.

You can Cycle to Ulu Sembawang PCN from Mandai road and Woodlands Ave 12. The slopes from Woodlands entrance are tougher to overcome.

View of PCN behind Singapore Sports School, be alert when crossing under SLE viaduct, the vehicles travel fast.

Ulu Sembawang Woodland entrance

If you cycle to Ulu Sembawang from Sengkang, distance would be 17km. Regular cyclists should take 60 to 90 minutes.

Factor extra time if you are less fit, the slopes can be challenging. We would not recommend new riders to use Seletar North Link, as road has heavy traffic and many pebbles.

Refer to Google Map below, cycle along Seletar West Park Connector, detouring South of Seletar Airport.

On the way back, enjoy the view of Yishun Dam. Vehicles are now packing the road. Look beyond and spot piers from “Last Fishing Village” (off access to public).


Last Fishing Village Singapore (nearest carpark at Rower’s Bay)


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Sengkang Neighbourhood

Home sweet home, back in Sengkang.