Canon Families at Fidgets

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At Grandstand Fidgets, all the kids were so serious when it come to their diy cupcakes. There was laughter, giggling and a strong whiff of fragrance in the baking class.

Canon hosted us to a 2-in-1 event last week. Indoor playground and cupcake-baking for the young ones, and photography workshop (with Bob Lee) for the not-so-young ones.

We parents know the kids are in good hands, and we had that few precious moments to learn from a photography pro.

Boon Xin asking whether she can use a heart-shape mold?

Parents snapping away at the cute kiddos, with their chef’s hat, totally engrossed in their cupcake domain.

where to find Cupcake class

While kids entertain themselves, parents pick up a tip or two from photographer Bob Lee. Shutter, Focus, how to capture that Moment with your child.

Bob’s tips were simple and easy to understand.
~~~ ~~~
A for Angle
B for Bokeh
C for Continuous mode
D for Distance and detail
E for Exposure

and finally F to Z – Keep shooting!
~~~ ~~~

Through his photo sharing, we can feel Bob’s love towards his family, especially his child.

Personally, Daddy always believe that it is the daily photos (those mundane repetitive ones) which will tell our stories decades down the road. The unplanned, the insignificant photos (yes, even the blur ones) offer snippets of our cherished lifestyles.

We celebrate the milestones, but it is often the daily mundane stuffs which tell our story.

Fidgets offers a lot of space and activities to keep kids busy. Crafting section at one corner.

Across the “street”, kids went wild running up the ladders and sliding down the slides. They had an opportunity to play before and after the cupcake class.
Indoor playground Singapore

Toddler’s section is definitely safer for the little ones, away from the rugged older kids.

Video : Fun at Fidgets

Parents and kids get to bring their yummy treat home.

We would like to thanks Canon and Fidgets for hosting us, and our organiser Claudia. Everyone had an enjoyable afternoon.

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