Boon Wee wants to be a professional basketball player

I was pleasantly surprised when Boon Wee mentioned he wants to be a full-time basketball player.
We were in CNA’s webseries feature “Heart to Heart Talk – Dare to Dream”.

Boon Wee Basketball player

The webseries focus on the children, their Dreams and in general, the education system in Singapore.
Our friends from EdUnloaded were also featured.

I know the kids love sports, be it soccer and basketball (Funny, me and Mrs were never into sports). However, to be a professional sportsman (and woman), it is a whole new ball game (pardon the pun).

It demands a whole new level of commitment and support, and cannot sustain on Passion and Dreams alone. Example, our host Benjamin (from Sam Willows) was a former National Swimmer.
We see the medals and achievements of sportsman when they win, but how many of us appreciate the hard work and sacrifices behind the scenes?

I got to be honest with my kids, sports as hobby and sports as a livelihood, are two different matters.

How many parents will support their kids to pursue their Dreams and Aspirations?
Or do we expect our kids to live our own Dreams (to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc)?

Video : 4 families were interviewed about their kid’s DREAMs. The frank answers are refreshing.

I will support Boon Wee (and siblings) if he really wants to be a professional basketball player.
But I need him to understand his own decisions.

Is this really what you want?
You got to make your own choice.

Son, once you make up your mind, I will support you all the way!

There is never Right or Wrong, even failures are considered a learning experience.
But we need to be bold and take that first step.