Singapore Round Island Route for cycling

This first segment or Singapore Round Island Route is 75km, and covers Rower’s Bay, Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Changi, Tanah Merah Coastal Road, East Coast Park, MBS, Clarke Quay, Queenstown (MRT), till Labrador Park.

*update 01FebSecond blog post (full RIR) with Strava Map is up

Second segment of Round Island Route (RIR) will only be ready in 2035. Expect park connectors (PC) and pavements to link to Lim Chu Kang and Neo Tiew road.

Cycling from Sengkang to East Coast Park via RIR (YouTube Video)

With such a big announcement, many cyclists were busy exploring the new route and detours. Alas, Nparks’ map is not really accurate, and many are left guessing with navigation.

Singapore Round Island Route
Singapore Round Island Route

Nparks’ link and map is here, but my strava map is more accurate :p

In this post, I will only cover from Sengkang to East Coast Park.

Two highlights for me would be Sengkang Bridge and stretch along Tanah Merah Coastal Road.

With more folks exploring different segments of RIR, I would recommend that you wait for more details on the entry and exit points. This might save you some extra energy, unless you love to explore and do not mind getting lost πŸ™‚

Getting Lost in Singapore can be Fun!

New Sengkang Bridge

This bridge has taken too long to open, many joggers and cyclists were curious about the other side of the bridge. This bridge does not disappoint.

Wide, spacious and quite scenic. If only future bridges could be this standard. Same applies for RIR’s wide passageways. Kudos!

Sengkang New Bridge is located at this spot (GPS 1.400038, 103.887772). You will need to ride up a mini slope, and bridge is just behind the toilet.

Cross Punggol’s iconic Lorong Halus Bridge to head towards Pasir Ris.

Take note after passing the PCN along Lorong Halus (towards Pasir Ris direction).

Take a left turn at the junction ( point “X” below GPS 1.383997, 103.936452). 99% of folks will turn right at this junction and head towards Downtown East direction.

You can now cut direct into Pasir Ris Park, and exit at (GPS 1.388065 103.939067).

RIR New Entry to Pasir Ris

This entry point is easy to miss, and I consider myself a regular along this stretch. Do LOOK OUT for heavy vehicles driving in and out of Pasir Ris Farmways.

Between Downtown East and Api Api river, there are at least 4 entry/exit points into Pasir Ris Park. I do not know which one is official “RIR” entry.

Please share Pasir Ris park other exit points with me πŸ™‚

Fast forward to Changi Bay Park Connector

Shortly after Changi Ferry Terminal, turn left into the new Park Connector.
Refer my Strava Map, GPS is 1.370873, 104.004861.

Take note the trees (samplings) will need at least a few years to mature. There are minimum shelters, but there is a toilet along this 4km stretch.

This 4km stretch might make your TMCR journey a little bit more scenic. Feels a bit like family-edition of TMCR.

Changi Bay Park Connector

Rare to find this type of under-utilised cycling route in Singapore. It would be perfect if there is more shade.

Those who wish to explore only Changi stretch, can just park at carpark next to Changi Ferry Terminal. Stretch yourself and you can reach Jurassic Mile (and Changi T2), 15km one way.

Nice image below credit my friend Eddie.

Love this small climb, slowly exposing the horizon. Suspect the sunrise at this spot should be mesmerising.

Singapore Round island Route Sunrise

This lone moon-leave tree caught my attention. It felt like the ι‡‘εŸŽζ­¦ tree in Taitung (maybe I am too imaginative).Β Do pop by our Taiwan Taitung cycling trip here.

ι‡‘εŸŽζ­¦ tree Taitung

You will exit PC after passing by Changi Exhibition Centre, and face the boring Tanah Merah Coastal Road (TMCR) again.

Jelly fish under the bench!

Round island Route bench artwork

After Navy Museum junction, you will detour left. This is a new stretch of road and park connector, with dedicated bike lane.

Look left and enjoy the coastal view. Look right and you might identify the buildings along the “original” TMCR route.

New TMCR stretch

For those new to Tanah Merah Coastal Road, there is a parallel PCN. I was cycling on the dedicated bike lane.

Hot day, enjoyed some shade and biscuits at Coastal Park Connector.
Spot the sails and fishing along this ulu cove.

Leisurely ride into East Coast Park. Spotted some stealth otters swimming inland during high tide.

Pit stop at my favourite 7-11 along East Coast Park. Recharge with ice cream and Pocari.

Feedback for RIR:

1)Hope Nparks will add more Singapore Round Island Route markers. During my trip, I can spot many cyclists lost in Sengkang or Pasir Ris πŸ™‚

2)We hope the trees will grow faster and provide more shade.

Serangoon Park Connector

Was supposed to cover up to MBS, but I woke up late and missed the timing. Singapore Round Island Route will be popular with cyclists and families.

More opportunities to explore all corners of Singapore.Β  Thank you Nparks!

Strava map Singapore Round Island Route

Updated 01Feb
The second blog post on RIR is ready, click link for blog post.

Do refer to our full RIR cycling map (Strava mapΒ here). It will help you to identify and maybe pinpoint the turns along Round Island Route.