100 things to explore during September school holidays

For your September school holiday (starting 06Sep), is anyone keen to play tourist in Singapore?
Remember 100% Singapore (百分百新加坡), the 8 episodes capturing Singapore unique and iconic bits and pieces?

Chapter 7 – SengkangBabies with Elephant playground
Ch U 100% 百分百新加坡

Daddy enjoyed the show so much he is going through the documentary again.
You can get each chapter’s summary below and the catchup (8 episode videos) here.

You will enjoy going through 100 chapters of Singapore unique icons.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Old playgrounds and biscuits from our childhood.
Singapore’s best hawker food and Hainan kopi.
Blow some bubbles and perhaps hot spring.
Our own 新谣 (Xinyao), traits like Singlish and Kiasu.

Total 100 chapters spread over 8 episodes.
Nostalgic experience and memory, familiar taste and touch. All Fun!

Do pop by SengkangBabies’ old playgrounds feature in Episode 7 and here.
Our kids will be kept busy this school holidays 🙂

Catchup TV, Xinmsn Catchup

* Thanks to Threesixzero Productions for providing the 100 chapters breakdown

Young Scientists keep our kids curious

If we are stuck at home, read Young Scientists lor.
Pardon the Singlish, but Boon Kang is happy both at home or outdoors.
Young scientists magazine

True is, SengkangBabies’ March school holidays are quite happening.

We started with Dinosnores (pop by our cool photos) last Fri, Cookies and Candy buffet at Candy Empire, just look at the huge Chupa Chups lollipop!

Wait, we still have Disney On Ice, a Staycation before school reopens.
And maybe, just maybe, one trip to iFly 🙂

Daddy’s own school holidays was definitely more mundane and in touch with nature, like grasshoppers.

What happen if the Rain or Haze had persisted and kept us indoors?
Thanks to Young Scientists (sponsors OpenSchoolbag), Science magazines will keep them preoccupied with knowledge and theories.
Daddy is expecting tons of questions later!

We are happy than Boon Yee is following his brother’s foosteps to learn more about Science.

Stay tune as we will share more about Young Scientist, and we might even be able to do a give away 🙂