5 reasons to visit Underwater World Sentosa

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Mention Aquarium in Sentosa (or Singapore) and RWS SEA Aquarium comes to mind. However, we will give you 5 reasons why “UnderWater World Sentosa” (UWS) is worth visiting with your family during the June holidays.

– Visitors can touch and interact with stingrays (real ones, not those BBQ sambal variants)
– Watch pink dolphins and sealion perform, and these marine dudes love the attention!
– Kids can learn about eco-system and marine creatures
– SEA aquarium is always crowded, but UWS allows visitors to slowly soak in the sights and exhibits.
– During the June school holidays, promotional price of $19.90pax (usual price $29) comes with a buffet

Feeding fishes Underwater World Sentosa

01. Dolphin Lagoon performance (Daily 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 5.45pm)
Although it is named Dolphin Lagoon, do not forget the sealions. Glenda loves to grab your attention.
Underwater World review

Pink Dolphin saying Hello to audience.
Underwater World sentosa

Daddy found out from the trainer how to differentiate between fish and marine mammals (eg dolphins and whales). Hint, mammals flip their fins up and down, and fishes flip left and right.
20150606 Underwater World4

Kids are impressed with the acrobatic and friendly dolphins and sealions. They can juggle balls and hoops effortlessly!
Underwater World dolphins

02. Ray of Fun and Touch pool
Kids are encouraged to touch the stingrays and star fishes, but try not to lift them out of the water. The stingrays’ barb has been removed so it is very safe, and the shark will not bite πŸ™‚
20150606 Underwater World6

Try touching the smooth jelly-like skin of the giant Leopard ray. Watch them glide gracefully over the water. It is always surreal to touch a stingray, these magnificent creatures are normally seen during open water dives.
20150606 Underwater World5

Video (Link) : Catch all the underwater actions from our GoPro!

03. Tunnel and Travelator (take your own sweet time)
As UWS is less crowded (compared to SEA Aquarium), kids decided to sit down on the travelator and enjoy the sight! Some might even try to walk backward on the “treadmill” πŸ™‚
Tunnel Underwater World Sentosa

Look at the overhead stingrays and sharks, so magnificent and carefree.
20150606 Underwater World16

Wow SEAFOOD Giant Grouper! Not sure whether we eat the grouper or is it the other way round!
Underwater World Sentosa promotion

04. Education and interaction
Remember the “River Monsters” episodes with Jeremy Wade. Some of the monsters and giants from South America are right in front of us and easily measure 2m in length!

Arapaima, Pacu, Catfish seems to live in harmony.
20150606 Underwater World15

Do not litter or throw rubbish into our waterways, as they will flow into reservoir or open sea, polluting our ecosystems. Kids are reminded to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We have not seen the underside of a sea urchin before, the roe is a delicacy in Korea. Boon Wee dreaming about sashimi spider-crab.
20150606 Underwater World11

Can you spot the Unicorn fish?
20150606 Underwater World10

Interaction and knowledge, kids had fun learning about animal and fish anatomy. They get to understand how predators and preys evolve and try to outsmart each other.
20150606 Underwater World12

Boon Yee posing with Iconic shark outside Underwater World, siblings wanted to have a closer view of clown fishes.
20150606 Underwater World9

We said Hello to this shark in 2005 and 2011 too.

05. Buffet at Island Cuisine
Kids help themselves to multiple scoops of ice cream.
20150606 Underwater World8

Nice view of Reflections and Keppel Bay.
20150606 Underwater World7

Buffet bundle with entrance tickets of $19.90, is only available during June holidays.

After feeding ourselves, kids wish to feed the other animals.

The carps are always hungry, they will suckle your fingers too.
20150606 Underwater World13

Quite a few old turtles spotted. There is an underpass to watch the turtles underwater.
We reminded the kids to keep their hands off the pond.
20150606 Underwater World

On the way home, we found the usual peacocks and babies, and a new attraction. The lifts allow visitors to reach the top, I am curious about the view from the top.
20150606 Underwater World17

We would like to thanks Underwater World Sentosa (UWS) for the fun invitation. We hope more families will get to enjoy the special promotions during June holidays.

More details :
– UWS is opened daily 10am to 7pm
– Usual price $29.90 and $20.60 for adult and child respectively, but June tickets are $19.90 (children under 3 free)
– Get the latest updates from http://www.underwaterworld.com.sg
– Our last visit to Underwater World in 2011, and recent SEA Aquarium (RWS)
– More photos uploaded onto our Fanpage album

More details and T&C about promotion can be found at this link.
(image credit UnderWater World Sentosa)

~~~ Underwater World tickets giveaway ~~~
Thanks to Underwater World Sentosa, we have five pairs of tickets to give away. Each ticket entitles one entry to UWS and one buffet at Island Cuisine (non-Halal).

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3. On Contest page, do indicate who you will bring along to UWS, and why.
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6. Contest ends 21 Jun 10pm, and five winners will be picked

T&C for contest :
This contest is only applicable to local residents of Singapore
* Winners who do not respond within 48 hours will be eliminated
* Tickets will be valid for three months from point of issue
* Winners must bring their letter (and IC) for collection of tickets at UWS ticketing counter
* Buffet at Island Cuisine is non-halal, and buffet timing (1130 to 1500) and (1730 to 2100)
* Organisers reserve the right to change contest mechanics