Swensens’ Planes ice cream cake giveaway

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Sengkang Babies love Disney’s latest movie Planes (read our review).
We all know most kids love Ice Cream and cake (well almost all except Boon Yee).

Everyone is aware Boon Yee is the good-natured boy in our home, always letting his siblings “bully” him. Daddy and Mummy always have a soft spot for him. His siblings understand and although jealous, they know Daddy and Mummy love them all.

Boon Yee is like our little Dusty, the crop duster 🙂

Anyway after Durian and Mooncake season, we do not need more excuse to enjoy Ice Cream Cakes. Thanks to Swensen’s, we play host to (2755) Dusty and Skipper cake last week.

(Image credit Swensen’s )

Boon Yee chose this design, and filled it with chocolate and vanilla, look at the cold tempting layers.

To quote from Swensen’s :
With four brand new ice cream cakes designs already readily available for order, let Dusty and his mighty aviator friends take you to greater heights! With these additions, Disney fans can now covet over 65 Disney Movie themed cake designs, including other familiar Disney characters from popular movies like Monster University, Finding Nemo, and more.

Choose from a whopping 24 ice cream flavors, including all-time-favorites such as Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Frosted Chocolate Malt, Thin Mint, Strawberry Sherbet, Rocky Road, Pistachio Almond and Macadamia Nut. What’s even sweeter is that you can choose up to any two flavors for your cake! For more Disney themed cakes, do pop by Swensen’s.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

We can even play with dry ice afterwards, although we suspect Swensen’s has no intention to use dry ice to market their ice cream cake :p

Thanks to Swensen’s, we got a plane or two (depending on which design you choose) to giveaway! If your child loves ice cream cake, do pop by and relive “The Skies are calling“.

Giveaway conditions :

LIKE Swensen’s and SengkangBabies fanpage
– Refer 3rd image above, on our Fanpage, let us know your preferred Planes design and Why

– Leave your name and email behind (you can message email address to us)
– Finally, share our Fanpage contest on your Facebook wall
– Winner will be randomly selected on 26th Sep 11pm

Captain Boon Kang enjoying his Ice Cream Planes, join us 🙂

Be it ice cream cakes or family friendly menu, pop by :
– Swensen Fanpage

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