Christmas decorations along Orchard Road

We could not make it to the Orchard Road lightsup, due to massive congestions, both vehicles and human. So, after our TimSum 点心 breakfast, we took a slow stroll along Orchard from CentrePoint to Takashimaya. Do pop by our 2011 evening experience.

Love the Visa balloons 🙂

The poster outside Singapore Visitor Center looks like a Hugh stamp.

Hungry? Swimming? Orchard Road is so interesting.

More photo opportunities.

Daytime Orchard Road might not be as happening as evening Orchard, but we still had fun exploring Orchard Road.

Panning Fun.

If you wish to capture Orchard road decorations, do it fast. Otherwise Chinese New Year makeover will be happening after the New Year. Did you read our Snow fun at Tanglin Mall?

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