That old Swing and See-Saw at Raffles Place

Remember the old Swing, See Saw and Merry Go Round at Raffles Place (Mar)? This Nostalgic playground will be shifting to East Coast from mid May to end Jul.

Video : It is easy to imagine we are in the 1980s, just remove the high rise buildings around us.

So many Firsts for the kiddos. First time on Merry Go Round and See-Saw.

Just remove footwear and see kids grin when sand tickles toes !

There are some Giant Tulips at Raffles place too.

Many families made their way to Raffles Place playground on this Sunday afternoon too.

Kids’ expressions are always genuine, look how FUN was defined this afternoon :p

Monday blues? Watch the video above and let SengkangBabies relive your childhood memories 🙂