Fu Dai packing, bringing warmth to others

We were invited to pack some “Fu Dai” festive packs (福袋) earlier.

I was very happy that my boys could join me in this meaningful initiative. Besides packing, we get to haul the festive packs to needy folks along Jalan Bukit Merah too. Each bag weighs 6 to 7 kg, which is quite heavy for the kids, but they were determined to do a good deed.
fu dai distribution

As the name 福袋 implies, each bag is stocked with necessities and distributed for Community Chest’s beneficiaries.

A few hours earlier….

Video : Kids hard at work, they are very competitive !

Kids are not new to packing (read our NDP funpack link below). Everyone man their own station and ensure the human conveyor belt is linked up.
Fu dai comchest

There is a sequence and checklist to ensure we do not miss out anything. Some of the sponsored goodies include Light sauce, Baked beans, Mackerel, Cream Crackers and Tiger Balm.
20160123 Fu dai comchest2

Box by box, the volunteers cleared the boxes of goods.
20160123 Fu dai comchest1

Tata! from boxes to Fu Dai. A sense of achievement, all the bags behind Boon Yee are ready.
community chest fu dai

Packing is only possible with an army of volunteers, most of them are from corporate sectors.
Fu dai packing

Family effort, every bit help.

When we distribute the Fu Dai in the rented flats, kids got first-hand experience that ‘Not every family might get to enjoy Chinese New Year or Reunion”. Perhaps they might learn to appreciate the things around them (and their own family) better. When we help others, I hope the kids will pickup empathy too.
Family volunteer fu dai

After a quick lunch, kids are ready to be deployed.

Thank you Community Chest for the invite. It was a good opportunity to expose the kids to volunteering. I am super Proud of the kids’ enthusiasm and energy.

You might be interested to read our previous volunteering and packing experience.
NDP Funpack

We wish everyone Health and Happiness as we spend family time together, 新年快乐!

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