Vasectomy birth control for the man

Vasectomy does not reduce your sexual performance nor your manliness.

One recent topic in Daddy Matters (closed FB group) requested for “Vasectomy reference”. The subject raised a lot of pentup (pardon the pun) questions.

We guys sometimes wondered about Vasectomy (结扎), the benefits and comparison with ligation. We wanted to hear from someone who had done it before, as we are curious about potential side effects.

Vasectomy family planning
4 kids enough for us

It is a hush hush topic as we usually do not go around asking our colleagues, neighbours or kopi kakis about birth control, more specifically sterilisation. It is just not in guys’ DNA to talk about Family Planning (Asia is still quite conservative, and in some societies, male-sterilisation is taboo)

The Dads discussed about the pros and cons of Vasectomy, doctors (Urologist) reference, and surgical fees. The online feedback was fruitful, blunt and honest, yet reserving some level of privacy.

I would find it hard to discuss birth control face to face, too much intimacies to reveal :p

Vasectomy : It is not only about our manhood and mojo (libido)

Man’s health and family planning, Vasectomy might not be suitable for everyone. I hope this blog post will clear some doubts and raise awareness about the benefits.

Perhaps, more husbands will be encouraged to take a snip for the wife and family 🙂 (In case you are still clueless, Vasectomy is sterilisation for Man, there is an image under FAQ Section)


Ligation, Pill, Condom, Vasectomy etc

(withdrawal method is not birth control :p )

I did my Vasectomy back in 2009. It took me so long to blog about my experience as I am a conservative chap.

(Hint: Try not to YouTube Vasectomy as the procedure can be very graphic, I still feel uncomfortable at the thought of someone manhandling my testicles)

Most chaps (and even females) might assumed Birth Control equal Ligation. Some will expect the Mrs to stitch (ligate) after the last child’s birth.

Our spouse has to undergo the pain and trauma of childbearing, I truly believe we HUSBANDS can afford to take a few stitches for our darlings!

Read on if you wish to discover more about birth control options for the family.

1) Vasectomy Myths

– Although we are in 21st century, there are still a lot of myths about Vasectomy. Come on, go Google for the truth.

– This procedure is very common in Europe and US

– It is not castration (physical or medical), and procedure will not make you an eunuch (公公) !

– The procedure will not harm your manhood nor libido, and your testosterone level will not be affected.

– Vasectomy will not cause erectile dysfunction and you can still fulfill a husband’s sexual duties.

Let me share why your sexual experience might improve too.

2) Advantages of Vasectomy

– Faster recovery compared to ligation, and less side effects. Tying the fallopian tubes immediately after childbirth might be less effective

– Vasectomy is cheaper and faster (2 to 3 hours) compared to ligation

– Technically, the man is “infertile” as the tubes (vas deferens) carrying the sperm had been sealed/snipped

– Easier to reverse the procedure compared to ligation (although we should go in with the mindset of no U-turn)

– Procedure only requires local anesthesia, ie safer and cheaper ( will grimace more from embarrassment than pain, as you are awake and aware that everyone in Operating Theatre can see your jewels)

– No more condoms, FREEDOM for couple!

– No more counting of ovulation window ( forecasting safe penetration)

– Husband and wife can be amorous after one week, although Doctor will caution about being too vigorous (you know yourself)

– Confident that I will not produce another baby, couple can relax more and enjoy the pleasures of love making ( Hooray!)

Happy Family
Happy Family


3) So, is Vasectomy for me?

Besides the surgical procedure. There are other considerations, which will be highlighted by your specialist.

– Couple must make a conscious decision about birth control. Four kids are definitely enough for me and wife :p

– Research and shortlist the Urology clinics (and consultants) in Singapore

– Private and Public fees are different, ask whether you can claim from Medisave or insurance

– Technically, reversal of Vasectomy is possible, but we should go through with a mindset of no U-turn

– Specialist consultations will share more about the procedure and help you come to a decision. We heard stories of reversal due to Unforeseen circumstances :

a) Death of child
b) Need to harvest cord blood of new birth to save siblings
c) Re-marriage
(no right or wrong answers above)

– Some men do stray after the procedure, blame the new “freedom” (same reasoning for Viagra)

– Do Google for “Side effects” and discuss your concerns with Doctor

– Although rare, there are instances of failed Vasectomy. As with all medical procedures (and condoms), there can never be 100% guarantee



4) Vasectomy FAQ

– Hard to illustrate before/after Vasectomy, see this image

– Penile functions will not degrade. You can definitely masturbate and achieve an erection ( Sexual health topics are very subjective )

– You will be able to ejaculate fluid, just that sperm is no longer present (in Army lingo, shoot Blanks)

– Fees between Public and Private can range from $800 to $2000 (estimation from 8 years ago). If you do not mind, please share latest rate with me

– Vasectomy procedure is day surgery about 2 to 3 hours, only local anesthesia is needed

– Small incisions on both scrotums are needed to disconnect the tubes. Besides slight swelling post procedure, the external wound should fully heal within months

– Not painful, only mild discomfort

– Recovery expected within a few days, but I was told to go easy on sports

Family planning Singapore
Family planning Singapore

So if you are still wondering whether we are planning to expand SengkangBabies, you have the answer now 🙂

I hope the above pointers would help to allay some of your concerns and fears. Naturally, the No 1 concern for most chaps are post-Vasectomy performance.

You may email me for my Doctor and additional details.


This post hopes to raise awareness about male contraception Vasectomy. If I should misrepresent some processes or my explanations are vague, do correct me. Birth control is a serious topic, pardon my attempt to inject some humour into subject.


.. updated 2018 Apr – One of my readers highlighted Khoo Teck Puat’s bill :

– Referral from Polyclinic
– Total Charge $979
– Medisave $685
– Balance $293

.. 2019 July – Thanks AL, updated fees from Changi General hospital.

Before/after Medisave is $721 and $200 respectively

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32 thoughts on “Vasectomy birth control for the man”

    1. Thank you for the positive note, Mummy Ed 🙂
      I hope more families will be aware of alternate birth control option other than ligation.

      The Man can be the Hero here.

    1. Appreciate your feedback Dee 🙂
      The chaps in Daddy Matters were not only curious about “post” performance,
      but we were also concern about the unlikely (or unfortunate) scenario where reversal is needed.

  1. Thanks for sharing some intimate and insightful article! This is really useful for many people out there and we need to be in the know in order to live a better life. We all need to open up and get in the know.
    Lup Wai recently posted…How to make milk stoneMy Profile

    1. Precisely, the benefits of Vas far outweigh Ligation. It still bewildered me when fellow male friends do not even wish to consider the possibility of going for birth control.

  2. Useful information for the well-being of entire family! Thanks for writing in such a detailed way about a slightly taboo topic.

  3. Well even though it took you a while to do so I want to thank you for eventually posting about this hushed topic that many men do not openly speak on, period. I wish you all the best and thanks again for sharing.

  4. Hi am thankful for this blog as there is hardly any info on vasectomy on fb. May i have ur doctor’s contact as my husband is planning to go for vasectomy. We have 2 kids and he is super scared of having a 3rd baby haaa. Heard SGH doctors are not bad?

  5. Hi my husband went for vasectomy and had a negative sperm test a few months after the operation. I am wondering is there a need to still keep track of when i ovulate? To me there is no need to because it will spoil the mood since vasectomy is already 99.9% safe? But my husband is really scared to have another child.

      1. Thanks for your reply! Btw Is there a need to have an annual sperm count? Or need to buy those sperm count home kit from Amazon? We forgot to ask the doctor. Read on internet that there were rare cases of self healing and grow back. But am wondering if snipped and sealed, how to grow back? Thanks

          1. Hi my hubby considering going for vasectomy. Any recommendation for a list of reliable vasectomy doctors in singapore ( private and govt) . We consulted senior urologist consultant @ SGH . John Yuen with 14 years of experience. Not sure if he is experienced enough for vasectomy? Possible to help ask in Daddy Matter in closed fb group as my hubby is not in the group. Thank you

  6. Hi may i know is it advisable to go overseas for work the next day after vasectomy? Concern is any complications and I only trust singapore hospitals haa. My hubby said doc gave the green light to go and no pain killers will be given after the 1 hr surgery.

    1. Hi, I would not be able to advice, as outcome and healing is case by case basis.

      I know medical surgery is very advanced now, but I would still prefer to wait 1 or 2 more days before travelling (just in case).


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