1 staycation 2 Birthdays

We stayed over at Johor over the Christmas weekend. Johor Bahru is so near it feels more like a Johor staycation.

Our Birthday and Christmas boy, Boon Wee celebrated his Birthday near Sutera Mall (Taman Sutera Utara).

Sutera Mall for our Dinner and celebration. There are a lot of eateries and entertainment to explore around this area.
Sutera Mall

So happy that 大舅 and Heng family can join us 🙂

Boon Yee’s Birthday (27 Dec) celebration at Saizeriya. It does not take a lot to make him happy, Boon Yee is always so sweet, he will make sure everyone has a portion before serving himself 🙂
Johor Bahru4

Mount Austin explorations. We will find another opportunity to share the delectable food selections.
Mains – 22 Fried Chicken Factory (aka Korean Fried Chicken)
Mount Austin 22 Korean Fried Chicken
(GPS 01.55977 103.77413)

Desserts – Creamery
Mount Austin Creamery
(GPS 01.56205 103.77724)

Map of Mount Austin:
1- 22 Fried Chicken
2- New water theme park
3- Prince 33 Hotel (your RED hotel landmark)
4- Creamery
Map Mount Austin
(Map credit Google)

What else did we do during our staycation in Johor Bahru?
Kids love sports, be it outdoor or in arcade 🙂

Xin’s cheeky Gokart debut.

Kart group 🙂 Read our previous Fun review from Plentong.

Souvenirs 叉燒酥 from Ming An (明安 is opposite KSL)
Johor Bahru

Kids had a lot of memories with these balls and tortoises!

Singaporeans normally gather around KSL and City Square area (2). If we drive out another 30 minutes, more Food and adventure awaits.

3- Plentong Go Kart (previously known as Permas Jaya)
4- Mount Austin, this area is hip and packed with niche F&B outlets (Do pop by Hazel’s sweet cafe review)
5- Sutera Mall is a convenient one-stop venue for shopping and eating. Its backyard neighbourhood is very happening in the evenings. We follow BPDG’s hotel and food recommendations 🙂
6. Before heading back to SG, we drove to Gelang Patah (near Legoland) for Seafood lunch
Sutera Mall and Mount Austin map
(Map of Johor credit Google)

That concludes our 3D2N staycation in Johor.
We have more photos and details on our Dayre account :
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Day 2
sengkangbabies Dayre

Johor Massage recommendations -> https://sengkangbabies.com/holiday/johor-massage-recommendations

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