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We brought our Ninjas to watch Lego NinjaGo Movie earlier (trailer). Ninjago Fans will rejoice at another Lego movie, with all the cool gadgets battling each other out!

But Lego NinjaGo Movie has a story behind the bricks (pardon the pun). We all know Lloyd (Green Ninja) grew up without his Dad.

It seems like everyone knew that Lloyd’s Dad is the bad guy, except Lord Garmadon himself. No wonder little Lloyd was bullied in school and society, everyone blames him for the evil happenings in NinjaGo city!



Lego NinjaGo Movie tells us not to judge others, and we must always be objective. Always look at things from another angle.

Example we see kids misbehaving in MRT and we straightaway assumed no manners or poor parenting (but child might be autistic). Or we see tattoos and finger-point bad influence etc (hey, everyone deserves a second chance even if we make mistakes before, Yellow Ribbon)

Kids might be too young to understand the concepts now, but I hope they will continue to embrace empathy and compassion in their character 🙂


Kids at an earlier Lego Ninjago Challenge

At the movie preview, we got to wear Ninjago masks and try to roleplay Good vs Bad guys. Why Daddy always become the bad guy :p

Lego NinjaGo Movie
Lego NinjaGo Movie

There are some other interesting revelations in Lego NinjaGo Movie:
-The destroyer of Ninjago City is not Lord Garmadon haha
-Lord Garmadon used to have a love story too
-NinjaGos do not leave anyone behind


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