Essilor® Stellest™ is helping Boon Xin fight myopia

Boon Xin has been wearing her new pair of spectacles over the last two months.

We had pop over to Eyecare Studio Optometrist (Fernvale) for her eye care examination.

She needed almost two weeks to get adjusted to the new lens. But she is now enjoying clearer version, both indoor and outdoors.

Boon Xin loves school activities like running and basketball. I am just happy that she enjoys an active lifestyle.

Ronan attended to us when we were at the store. Friendly and patient, he explained how Essilor® can help control myopia progression for kids.

I learnt that cornea growth normally stabilise around 12 or 13 years old. This also means myopia progression would have likely stabilise by then.

After her eye examination , we found out that Boon Xin’s left eye degree remained unchanged, but her right eye degree had increased by 25.

Ronan shared with us that Essilor® Stellest™ is recommended for kids under 13 years old. As kids are being exposed to electronic gadgets at a younger age, it is crucial for parents to adopt early measures to slow down myopia progression.

It does not help that many parents in Singapore also suffer from myopic conditions, thus worsening the myopic issue (genetic).

Photo below, measurement and correction for Boon Xin.

Quote from Essilor “Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses is a new generation of spectacle lens solutions clinically proven to help slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn at least 12 hours a day.

More details on Essilor® Stellest™ website.

Looking good with here new Essilor® Stellest™ spectacles

Besides slowing down Boon Xin’s myopia, we are confident that Essilor® Stellest™ will bring more fun and sports to Boon Xin’s lifestyle.

For the first year, Boon Xin would need to undergo eye examinations every three months. This is to ensure that she is getting the best benefit from her lens.

If your child is also exhibiting myopia symptoms, do head down to Eyecare Studio and let their opticians help you understand more about how Essilor Stellest Lenses can help slow down your kids myopia progression.

Do visit them online on  Facebook and Website too.


ps.. Boon Xin’s eyewear has been sponsored by Essilor®

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