Reunion dinner and Yu Sheng

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We love Fish & Co’s platter meals. There is always something to make someone happy.
But we did not know about their Yu Sheng.

It should be good, since Boon Xin is pinching away at the crackers while everyone pose for camera.

When we were offered Fish & Co’s Platter of Wealth Yusheng, we took the bundle home for our Reunion dinner. At $34.80++, Fish & Co’s Yu Sheng comes with a generous 18 slices of Norwegian Sashimi Grade Salmon.

Yu Sheng can feed 8 to 10, and if this is still not enough, add $8.80 to double your Salmon portion 🙂

In our home, we have to 撈鱼生 (Lao Yu Sheng) quick, otherwise we will not have any crackers left for tossing. The kids are always pinching at the crackers!

Nai Nai’s opening ceremony, peppered with Auspicious tidings 🙂
黄金满地, 富贵花开, 身体健康!

We shall let you have one more glimpse of the pretty Yu Sheng, before we start “fishing” ! Hurry, last order will be on 14th Feb (Valentine’s day)
Yu Sheng
(image credit Fish & Co)

Never mind if we cannot remember all the auspicious words. We just wish each other Best of Health 🙂

Actually the kids were waiting to “mess” the plate of Yu Sheng !
To them, tossing of Yu Sheng is something Fun.

And Daddy will keep reminding them not to SPILL the Salmon overboard!

Our sumptuous Reunion Dinner, thank you Nai Nai 🙂
Family dishes for CNY

Video : 撈鱼生 (Lao Yu Sheng)

Thank you Fish & Co for the delicious Yu Sheng, we regret not ordering extra salmon, as 18 pieces is not really enough for our family 🙂

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Spring Blossoms at Gardens by the Bay

What does Spring (春天) brings to mind? Daddy thought Spring always symbolise Life, a new Beginning, and blooming Flowers.

Marina Bay’s amBAYssadors were invited to explore Gardens by the Bay (GBTB)’s Spring Celebrations, and also a special Lo Hei (撈鱼生) at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant.

We started our tour, by visiting the Garden’s sculptures. We all know the famous Conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest), Supertrees but there are pockets of little gardens and landscaping dotting GardensByTheBay. Some sculptures look differently when viewed from another angle.

Someone commented Merrill Lynch’s Bull is very verile, is it any coincidence the Bull is placed at GBTB’s Bull-Ring?

At Heritage Gardens, you can find Elephants, Rabbit, Stones (in their natural state), and Malay Kampong style house.

Kenneth Er (Gardens COO) told us that Buddha and Bodhi tree placement reflect Buddha’s journey from India to China. He also shared why some Elephants are missing ear-lobes (souvenirs).

Then we came across this hugh Baby. His name is Planet, and his Daddy is Marc Quinn. All 7 tons of Planet is resting on one hand, breakdancing?

From certain angle, Daddy is amused that Planet looks like Humty Dumty falling off Marina Bay Sands.

GBTB has fenced up baby Planet, in case some Singaporeans decide to heed our Government’s baby bonus initiative and rub the baby.

The highlight of our tour is Flower Dome’s Spring celebrations.

Flower scent hits our nose when we step into the Dome. More details about Gardens’ Spring Celebrations here.

2013 is the year of the Chinese Zodiac Snake. How many KumQuat (金橘) snakes can you count?

Every corner we turn, fragrance greets out nose. Take a deep breath.

We saw many couples romancing under the hut, surrounded by an explosion of colours.

These are some of the other festive flowers around Flower Dome (click for the names). 春天来了, Spring is here.

We always remember the 1000 years old BottleTree (baobab) in Flower Dome, but did you know about the 500 years old Camellia tree? Also known in Japan as “Roses of Winter”, this grand old lady is still blooming.

We end the evening with Lo Hei at Gardens by the Bay’s Seafood restaurant Majestic Bay. With Flowers blooming and yuSheng, we shall welcome the Snake year together.

We would like to Thanks GardensByTheBay for the invitation, and it was nice to catch up with fellow amBayssadors again.
–> Spring Celebration activities can be found at GardensByTheBay link.
–> More flower photos can be seen on our fanpage

Huat Ah ! Wishing one and All Health and Prosperity !