100 things to explore during September school holidays

For your September school holiday (starting 06Sep), is anyone keen to play tourist in Singapore?
Remember 100% Singapore (百分百新加坡), the 8 episodes capturing Singapore unique and iconic bits and pieces?

Chapter 7 – SengkangBabies with Elephant playground
Ch U 100% 百分百新加坡

Daddy enjoyed the show so much he is going through the documentary again.
You can get each chapter’s summary below and the catchup (8 episode videos) here.

You will enjoy going through 100 chapters of Singapore unique icons.
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Old playgrounds and biscuits from our childhood.
Singapore’s best hawker food and Hainan kopi.
Blow some bubbles and perhaps hot spring.
Our own 新谣 (Xinyao), traits like Singlish and Kiasu.

Total 100 chapters spread over 8 episodes.
Nostalgic experience and memory, familiar taste and touch. All Fun!

Do pop by SengkangBabies’ old playgrounds feature in Episode 7 and here.
Our kids will be kept busy this school holidays 🙂

Catchup TV, Xinmsn Catchup

* Thanks to Threesixzero Productions for providing the 100 chapters breakdown

100% Singapore 百分百新加坡 Steady Lah !

Channel U’s 100% Singapore 百分百新加坡 just completed it’s 8 episodes run.
Ch U 100% old playground

We watch every episode, and we really enjoy the documentary.
We are not saying this because we appear in one of the episodes.

It tickles our funny bone when we can identify with the “Singaporean traits” (tissue paper chope, Singlish etc)

Coffeeshop 踢球(Tak4 kiu2) and 釣魚(Diao4 her2) brought back so many fond memories.

To quote from the producers

Ch U old playgrounds Singapore

Video : This is us on Episode 1, Old-playgrounds.

Personally, Daddy like these three episodes :
Episode 1 – 怀旧篇 (Nostalgia) – playgrounds and biscuits
Episode 4 – 自然 (Nature) – Pulau Semakau, Bidadari !
Episode 6 – 饮食篇 (Food) – Hawker centres, yummy Chicken Rice, Laksa 🙂

Ch U 100% 百分百新加坡

Video : Before we end, listen to this catchy song again 🙂

(Credit Si Ying)

Miss any episodes? Pop by Xinmsn Catchup.
Catchup TV, Xinmsn Catchup

Thank you 100% Singapore 百分百新加坡! You rock !
Channel U 100%, 百分百新加坡

Catch us on Episode 1 or background filming.
ps.. if you have enjoy 100% Singapore, we recommend you to follow SG50 activities 🙂