Nakhon Thai Food at Kovan

Nakhon is a popular Thai eatery at Kovan.

A short 10 min walk from Kovan MRT. You will always notice a queue near the corner.

In fact, when we were there for dinner from 6pm to 7.30pm, the queue was never shorter than 15 patrons! Be prepared to wait up to 30 mins, find something to distract the hungry kids.
Nahhon branch, Nakhon

At all our Thai encounters, we never miss Fishcake for the children and Tomyam for the adults, You will also notice that the pricing at Nakhon is very reasonable. Food portion is only one size, but 3 adults 4 children are easily satisfied.

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**Fishcake (rated 3.5/5) – $6

Slightly spicy but quite addictive, dip the fish into the sauce for additional oomph.
Thai Fish cake

**Tom Yam (3.25/5) – $6

Normal for Daddy, but Mummy laments the broth not spicy enough. A Thai meal is just incomplete without TomYam (be it clear or green versions).
Tomyam Nahhon

**Kangkong Balacang (2.75/5) – $6

Not enough Balacang, Kang Kong not potent and crunchy enough.

**Fried rice (3/5) – $6

We always have to order rice or noodles, in case our kids do not like the side dish.

**Slice Fish (sweet sour) (4/5) – $15

Our universal favourite dish! Mummy actually saw this dish on another table, and we order the same fish. Crispy, love the sweet sour concoction, which enhanced our appetite.

**Braised Tofu Minced Pork (3.75/5) – $6

This was a last minute order as we were worried that kids are still hungry. You have tofu, minced pork, mushroom in a stew. The tofu has absorbed all the other ingredients and goes really well with rice.

**Oatmeal Prawn (3.5/5) – $12

Mountain high oatmeal, kids manage to dig out 8 or 9 pieces of prawn. We have tasted better cereal prawns before but kids are not complaining.

**Dessert is Mango Glutinous Rice (2.75/5) – $5

Another favourite for our family. However, Nakhon’s Glutinious rice is not hot enough and the mango is not sweet enough.
Mango Glutinious rice

Bon appetite! You can be sure that we will be popping by again ๐Ÿ™‚
We are ranking the overall experience as 3.5.

Popular Nahhon dishes

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There are a lot of good food in Kovan Foodcentre (PO 530209), just look for the queues :p
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Nakhon address :
– Block 212 Hougang St 21, #01-341 (S530212)
Contact : 6286 8785

– Block 136 Bedok North Avenue 3 (S460136)
Contact : 6245 5548 please let us know whether Bedok’s Nakhon queue is shorter.