Cycling to Safra Singapore

We just completed cycling to Safra Singapore, all six outlets. Safra is more well known as a hub for family entertainment, catering to NSmen.

2020 – Safra Punggol with two Randy Lims

But few might thought of cycling to all Safra outlets 🙂

Well, for those who have created a few RTI (Round the Island), we might have run out of ideas for the next ride. I have only done one RTI.

I mean, how many ways are there to cover Singapore, all 700 sq km?
-Day or night?
-Clockwise or anti-clockwise?
-Maybe try foldie, Mountain bike and Road bike?

YouTube (Cycling to all six Safras in Singapore)

Singapore is too small haha.
My best experience are still overseas, do read our Bangkok ride (family), Taiwan 4D3N (with 2 kids), and New Zealand (solo).

Video: Cycling Hualian to Ruisui

Back to Safra. We went slow and took 8 hours+, and almost 90km. As we cycled mainly on pavement and PCN, that explains the longer time duration.

If you are keen on Cycling to Safra Singapore, just open Google Map GPX link in your Google Map and follow.

There are six outlets, and we covered Punggol, Yishun, Jurong, Mount Faber, Toa Payoh and Tampines. Feel free to start from any branch.

Take note Mount Faber is hilly, and Toa Payoh is not really near to any PCN.

Refer to the GPX above, these are the legends for your exploration 🙂
Safra (Red) (Just open the GPX link in your Google Map, and you can follow our Safra route, including detours)

Decathlon (Blue)
ITE (Purple)
HomeTeamNS (Black)
-Universities (completed 31Jul2021 except NTU, GPX link)

We started at Punggol Safra, cross Yishun Dam and headed towards Safra Yishun.

I kept mixing up Safra with HomeTeamNS, fortunately Randy knows the route well.

2125 – Safra Yishun

2320 – Safra Jurong. Third stop took us almost 2 hours from Yishun to Jurong, crossing Mandai PCN. At 30km, this is the longest stretch.

Fish burger and nugget to raise our energy and spirit. Goodnight to one Randy, and we are back to two.

0130 – Safra Mount Faber

We reach Mount Faber after 19km, almost 1hr 15min. Hate the hills!(but Mandai is still more hilly).

The route from Mount Faber to Toa Payoh is not straightforward. We experienced multiple detours around Newton and Novena area due to road work.

Crossing Newton Circle on pavement was challenging, it might be easier to cycle on the road.

0240 Safra Toa Payoh
All shops confirmed closed already.

At 3am, we came across a section of road (Toa Payoh East) which was closed and packed with vegetable hawkers “Toa Payoh Vegetable Night Market“.

Checkout Ch8 星期二特写 “夜行人” here. We are not buying any caixin tonight, but it was a novelty for us.

This vegetable market reminds me of the time when I brought the kids to tour Jurong Fishery Port , in the early hours too!

On the way to Safra Tampines, we passed so close to home (Hougang, Bartley), yet we need to drag ourselves 10km to the East (past Bedok Reservoir).

0350 – Safra Tampines, Mission achieved!
Almost 4am! Yawn I am getting sleepy 🙂

So happy to complete another cycling journey with buddies. Meanwhile, feel free to follow our cycling journeys below :

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