Mystica Night Safari – Nature’s Nightspot

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Singapore Night Safari’s Mystica event is back again. Mystical creatures will roam Night Safari grounds from 21Nov to 20Dec (Friday and Saturdays only).

(1) Ravishing Raven greeted us at the entrance.
Mystica Night Safari

We are suggesting families with younger kids to start their tour at 7.30pm before Night Safari descends into total darkness. Younger kids will not be able to appreciate “nocturnal” activities if they cannot see the creatures :p

Beautiful sunset along Mandai road invited us to Night Safari.

Seems like SengkangBabies are not the only wild ones, we got the brood from Cheekiemonkies and PerfectFather too.

And FM 98.7 DJs (Sonia and Joakim)

Mystica Night Safari’s tagline is “When the Night comes Alive to Play”. We spotted Lions, Giraffes, Porcupine and other fantasy creatures mingling and juggling with the visitors.

As part of our trail, we get to enjoy a tram ride too. This is actually one of the highlights of Singapore Night Safari. The 40 minutes ride will bring you closer to the creature’s habitat.

Enjoy the “rainforest breeze” and nocturnal activities of the animals.
Night safari tram duration

There are free reigning zones along the tram’s route (red line). The Malayan Tapirs and some of the goats are within our touch! We did not want to pat them and startled them, but experience is surreal for the kids.

Video : Night trail on a Tram. Look out for the noisy otters, whenever they spot a WRS staff, they will be extra noisy and expect food (pity their neighbours haha)

Visitors to Night Safari’s Mystica evenings (Fridays and Saturdays only) get to enjoy a little quest too. Look at the map above (4 tasks from 5 stations), find four different Mystica icons.

1 – Ravishing Raven
2 – Trail Guardians (2 stations, choose either one)
3 – Z-amazing Zebras
4 – Treasure Keepers (bodybuilders)

Complete all four tasks and win a special prize. Do take note that all 5 stations are accessible through Walking Trails.

(3) At Zebra cafe, we were hungry already and dig into our dinner πŸ™‚
(hint : guess the number of Zebras on the wall, and complete one task)

Gingerbread cookie came out early to greet us Merry Christmas, but sadly it did not last long (pity).

The diy walking trails are always fun and easy to navigate. The trails are stroller friendly too. We spend 30 minutes trekking through the Leopard Trail, trying to spot the elusive cats.

Listen carefully to the crickets above you, or the bats flying behind you. Each Walking Trail can take you between 20 to 40 minutes (estimate) to cover, and there are a total of four trails.

Bats and porcupines

Leopards and civet cats

Bye Bye elephants

Tips to enjoy Singapore Night Safari :
– No camera flash inside the park, as it will disturb the animals and fellow visitors
– Video : On the tram, enjoy the sights. It might be challenging (movement and darkness) to focus your camera

– Opening hours from 7.30pm to 12midnight, go earlier before the sunlight fades away
– be prepared to spend at least 2 to 4 hours in the park.
– we love the diy trails, and Night Safari has a useful itinerary here
– bring along mosquito patch, as mosquito feeding is optional
– do pop by Night Safari website and WRS Fanpage for the latest updates
– our 2013 Night Safari Mystica experience

~~~ Night Safari Tickets Giveaway ~~~
Night Safari Mystica will run from 21Nov to 20Dec, and do take note the Mystica creatures will only appear on Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), we got 2 sets of “2 adult and 2 child (3-12 years)” tickets to giveaway. Each bundle is worth $256 and includes Tram ride. Winners must use the tickets before 20Dec 2014, and we strongly recommend you to visit on Fridays or Saturdays Mystica evenings.

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5. Contest ends 19Nov 10pm, and two winners will be randomly picked