Exploring eXplorerkid at Downtown East

[ Media Invite and Tickets Giveaway]

The kids are not smiling, this is not because eXplorerkid is lame, but because they are exhausted from 2 hours of crazy Fun.

As the name implies, kids can have a fun-filled Mega Play time at eXplorerkid!

Multilevel platforms for kids to climb, slide and swing. They were chasing each other all over eXplorerkid! You need not ask them whether they enjoy Downtown East’s indoor playground.

Plenty of space for my little hamsters to play tag-team catching. Here, the smaller ones will have an advantage as they can squeeze through the obstacles like guinea pigs!

Video : Daddy make the mistake of trying to catch the kids. It was painful to watch him contort his 1.8m frame trying to wriggle through some crevices. The kids had a field day throwing their balls and darts at poor Daddy!

At Ball’O’City, the siblings enjoy shooting at other kids (and adults)!

All decent playgrounds must have ball pits, and eXplorerkid’s will also change colours. The blue purple combination looks like a swimming pool.

If they have spare energy, try rock climbing.
rock wall Singapore

A lot of padding are laid out on the floor to cushion any falls. Parents would appreciate the extra safety measures.

Ticketing details.

We would like to thanks eXplorerkid for the fun invitation! Our kids (even the 11years old) had a Fun day chasing each other all around!

Do pop by our Fanpage album for more photos. Latest updates and promotions about eXplorerkid on their website and fanpage.

*the other eXplorerkid venue is at Ang Mo Kio hub.

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Thanks to eXplorerkid, we have five unlimited playtime tickets (worth $30 each) to giveaway!

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Super Dads at Explorer Kid

[ Media Invite ]

Over the Father’s day weekend, we got an invitation to attend Explorer Kid‘s “SuperDad saves the day” event. Daddies has to pair us with a child and complete 7 tasks in Explorer Kid (Downtown East).

Boon Kang was Daddy’s designated partner.

The tasks are relatively simple, testing our wit, speed and accuracy. Most importantly, it offers the father and child team an excellent opportunity to tag-team and strive to complete the tasks.

The first three teams to complete all tasks and with highest score stand to win attractive prizes. But there are more than 40 teams on that day itself !

We spotted so many enthusiastic parent and child teams running all over Explorer Kid. Sometimes, the mums help out too by identifying the location of the tasks or by giving hints to quiz answers :p

Explorer Kid’s mascots were on hand to warm up the kids and send the teams on their mission.

Some of the tasks require us to take selfies or for Daddies to piggyback their kids.

Fishing for Robots and Memory game.

Team 11 crafting their own Optimus or BumbleBee. Transformer activities will keep kids entertained at Downtown East until 29th June.

A massive yellow Grimlock captures our attention at the front.
Grimlock Exhibition

By now, you should have guess our challenge also incorporated Autobots and Decepticons! Transformer tattoo is too cool !
Father's Day event Explorer Kid

Almost finish our challenge, with one last task.

Boon Kang has to bounce (Mega Jump) and throw the balls into Daddy’s bucket. Easy peasy 🙂

We submitted our Passport, there are certificates for completion too.

Prize award ceremony.

Video : More about Explorer Kid’s SuperDad contest

Click for more details about :
Explorer Kid
Downtown East’s Transformer

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Explorer Kid for the invitation. We certainly had Fun running around Downtown East to complete the challenges. A memorable way to spend Father’s day 🙂

** Photo credit – some of the photos above are from Explorer Kid