Singtel F1 roadshow – SengkangBabies pit crew

F1 night race is coming to Singapore again 21-23Sep. We would like our fans to know about Singapore’s latest F1 crew, Team SengkangBabies :p

Last Sun, Daddy brought the kids to Jurong for a Singtel-F1 roadshow. The highlight of the show is the electric kart. We heard the fastest three timings over the weekend would get a pair of F1 tickets. Alas, we are neither Fast nor Furious πŸ™

But we did have so much Fun, dressing up, cruising along. Redbull might consider signing our kids up for their youth league.

Wei has a lot of hands-on on Wii’s Mario Kart, and he look competent. Look at him manoeuvre his kart around the apex. Did you know when Daddy play Wii with Wei and Kang, he always end up third?

Fringe activities at the roadshow includes modeling, and dog walk (the doggie belong to another participant)

Kang is still not tall enough for the kart. Maybe next year. We hope F1 night race will still be running after 2014.

If all goes well and we secure the contract, our team will be supplying the crew for Singtel’s F1 night race. The whole package will include :
– Driver
– Pitcrew

We sweeten the deal by adding Xin as Singtel Grid little-girl. (Daddy is daydreaming about F1 fame haha)

Presenting Team Sengkang-Babies. Look at our crew, so cute they are winners even before they touch the track gravel.

We got on the podium, Daddy say he wanted to shake some “champange”?

(Photo credit to Singtel)

We are trying our luck, but do you think Boon Xin can be a Singtel Grid girl? Her charisma rocks !

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