We are one of NTUC’s uFamily’s Blog Champions

SengkangBabies are proud to be one of U Family’s Blog Champions 🙂

Who are NTUC U Family and what does it aim to achieve?
Quoting from U Family fanpage :

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To engage and build lifelong relationships with our members and their families throughout their life stages.

Vision: A champion for working people to have strong and happy families.

U Family makes family networking accessible, parenting information available and family activities affordable. Join the U Family Community today for:

* Fun family activities
* Useful parenting tips
* Value-saving benefits
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Hey, SengkangBabies are all about Family Fun and our Objective is to bring JOY to more families. As a U Family Blog Champion, we will share and encourage more families to participate in upcoming events.

– 06 Oct 5 to 9 pm – Marina Barrage – uPicnic
Do drop by U Family fanpage to stand a chance to win a $30 picnic basket.

– 18 or 23 Oct – U Family Network: Plan ahead to protect your interests: The Lasting Power of Attorney

– 24 Nov 7 to 10pm – The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® – Family Night Out Mega Dance. Anyone wish to Boogie with your kids?

–> Click for more events listing

You can find out more about U Family at :
–> http://www.ufamily.org.sg
–> http://www.facebook.com/NTUCUFamily

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U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.

Be part of U Family, and be the first to know about their many unique activities. Sign up here and get a welcome gift too (while stock last).

Daniel’s cook-for-family initiative

Love our family, maybe cook for our family?
Daniel from Danielfooddiary has gathered more than 100 bloggers to cook for their families.

To quote from Daniel :
=== === === ===
The #CookForFamily is a Singapore food bloggers initiative – there is no competition, sponsors, or hidden agenda involved. It is created with a simple objective of getting more bloggers, and hopefully their fans and followers, to start cooking and bonding with their families.

The bloggers have picked a day in July to cook a meal for their family or loved ones, and will blog, tweet and instagram about their cooking, experience and thoughts all on the same day – 6th August 2012 (Monday), with the hashtag #CookForFamily.
=== === === ===

Notice Daniel did not indicate only food-bloggers can participate. So Daddy (who sucks at cooking), can happily whip up a simple egg dish. If Daddy can do a french toast, everyone can do it.

As usual, Daddy add a disclaimer for the kids. It is not the end product, but the process, which matters. We woke up earlier on a weekend just to enjoy an extra hour or two of family bonding 🙂

If you are curious, nobody suffer any stomachache afterwards. If you have a twitter account, all the food-family blogs are at this hashtag #CookForFamily.

Otherwise, you can get the links from Daniel’s page –> http://danielfooddiary.com/2012/08/03/the-cookforfamily-initiative/

We should do this more often 🙂