Family Fun at SuperPark Singapore

SuperPark Singapore is happening! All the way from Finland, the cool thing about SuperPark is the whole family can join in the FUN!

Let us share why SuperPark Singapore is really SUPER πŸ™‚

Boon Kang doing a flip!

If you are impatient, checkout the YouTube Video first (link)

Before we can enter the premise, all visitors need to sign a waiver first.

Spanning 40,000 sq ft and over two floors at Suntec City, there is plenty of space for us to run wild!

There are plenty of activities (23 listed) for everyone big and small. The activities are categorised into three main areas :

-Adventure Area
-Game Arena
-Freestyle Hall

If you are booking a 3 hour slot, we recommend that you identify and prioritise your best activities first.

The kids chiong (dash) to Superball for their first game. Enter this pit at your own risk, as opponents whack aim the balls at the opposite “screen”. The winner is the team who scores the most points.

Feels like “Hantum Bola”, but please try to aim at the screen and not the humans (no wonder we need to sign waivers haha)

If the queue is short, try the Karts first (Pedal Car). Circuit is short but imagine cycling with your kids or spouse πŸ™‚

SUPERPARK is for everyone

I grab the Mrs for a ride when the kids were pre-occupied somewhere else. OH, some simple bliss and joy from pedaling fun πŸ™‚

For that 5 minutes, we could enjoy some child-like fun, without worrying about the kids. Thank you SuperPark Singapore !

The circuit is tighter than Singapore F1 track, no chance for overtaking. Pray hard the person behind knows how to ebrake hee hee.

Sports Buffet!

Meanwhile, families could dabble in more sports.
We have the usual Basketball, Soccer or Parkour too. There are points system for kids to challenge each other, example different hoops different points.

Toddlers have a mini obstacle course (Ninja Course) at the basement. This obstacle might be too easy for our kids but Boon Xin (No3) still had fun balancing.

Image credit Cheekiemonkies

For the youngest kids, or if you wish something more laid back, try the slopes and ropes. Exclusive to those under 100cm only πŸ™‚

These flying fox human-catapults looks fun and harmless.

Experience something new!

Need to satisfy your adrenaline fix or try something new? There are a lot of rock walls and even skateboards or escooters stunts!

Baseball was something new for all of us, not easy as the ball is really fast!

Ideal for corporate team building events, unleash all the stress!

SuperPark Singapore
SuperPark Singapore


Climb and bounce to your heart’s content!

We spent half of our trip hanging around the various trampoline, perfecting front and back flips. ( I think back flips are not allowed as it is more dangerous).


Kids would be trying to synchronise their bounce and leaps. Looks Fun until I tried it myself, nearly broke my old bones.

Managed to capture Boon Yee (no3) in his elements!

This is a hitech bounce, kids’ actions are translated into the video game motions. Leap higher to clear the stage πŸ™‚

Another type of virtual wall, flash animations might appear on the wall for kids to catch or smack.

Virtual Parkour anyone? (photo below). It was hard work running and clearing the obstacles, we could safely run along the building edges and even flying fox between buildings!

If you fall or slip, reset and run again.
Interesting experience for us.
The kids’ Spartan experience came in useful :0

This playground (Adventure City) was not opened when we visited. Kids would have fun navigating and chasing each other through the tunnels, slides and obstacles.

We know SuperPark is a success when we ask for the kids’ feedback.

Yee (no3) :SuperPark is a themepark, he loves trampoline and Soccer
Xin(no4) : She loves the parkour(the real one) at the basement, as she can challenge her friends.

We parents are impressed by SuperPark. Many of us are actually young at heart and SuperPark offers much opportunities for parents to challenge their kiddos (or perhaps parents vs parents).

We would like to thanks SuperPArk for the FUN invite. Our family definitely had fun exploring the activities, especially with friends.

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Additional Tips about SuperPark :

1)ADDRESS : Suntec City Tower 1, #02-477 (North Wing)
Singapore 038989

Monday – Friday, 10am – 9pm
Sat, Sun, Public and School Holidays, 9am – 9pm


-same price applies for adults and kids (free entry kids under 3 years old)
-Generally, a 3 hour session starts from $22 and a full day session starts from $35

-Tickets differ based on peak (weekends, holidays and school holidays). Everything else is non-peak hours. Do pop by their website for the latest price category.

-To avoid disappointment, book your tickets online in advance

4) Wristbands will be issued to participants. The same wristband is used for locker (unlimited usage) and entry to SuperPark

There is only one entry place, so kids should be relatively safe within the compound. Finding them might be challenging :p

5)Grip socks are required for SuperPark, $3 a pair

6)Shoes are needed for skateboard and rock wall climbing. All other activities just need socks

7) You may read more about SuperPark’s history here

8)We noticed there are small function rooms , perhaps for birthday parties. SuperPark Singapore would be a cool venue to impress your friends.

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Life’s Tiny Miracles

ps .. Our family received a media invitation to have fun at SuperPark