Safra Swim For Hope

Our family participated in Safra Swim For Hope last Saturday.
We have NEVER swan so much before!

I did not set any targets for the kids as I was clueless about swim efforts and expectations.
I only set a conservative gauge of between 30 to 50 laps for our family :p

No worry, just swim your best

Swim for Hope is an annual event, we can swim as many laps as possible (and comfortable) within two hours. The objective is to do our little bit for charity.


Two lanes each (to and fro) for different strokes, no butterfly and backstroke. Two swimmers per lane can be a bit tight, I was constantly worried that I would kick someone, or whether I am blocking anyone.

I still do not know whether slow swimmers should keep left or right. Apologies to the 50 swimmers whom I blocked on Saturday, would appreciate if someone can share some tips about swim discipline with me.


Freestyle strokes are more aggressive awesome due to speed and stride, we might not recommend young kids to go to this lane. The experienced swimmers were rushing the kiddos, a lot of PRESSURE haha.

There is a special parent-child lane for family, but our girl wanted to swim with her brothers.

Doing Good

At the end of very 50m lap, you get a rubber band. We heard regular swimmers can easily clocked 80 laps, but we got less lofty ambitions.

Four Safra pools (Toa Payoh, Yishun, Tampines and Jurong), the laps are accumulated over three days from 12 to 14 Oct 2018.

We are all swimming for charity, the more laps we clock, the more we donate 🙂

Safra Swim For hope donations (Image credit Swim For hope)

Thanks to coach Kian Hoe, our kids are now confident swimmers.
They all started as water babies from Bubbles N Splashes (blog post).

I am trying to encourage our kids to enjoy an active lifestyle.
Swimming helps them to relax, especially during exam periods.

During the weekly swim lessons, kids just need to enjoy their swim and forget about everything else.

Safra Swim For Hope offers 2 in 1 objective for us.
Enjoy our Swim and Contribute to charity at the same time 🙂

Remember to have Fun

Although every swim slot is two hours, swimmers can rest anytime.
We can replenish lost fluids and calories with isotonic drinks and banana too.

Some feedback from the kids:
-Wei enjoys swimming with a big group, swimming alone is boring
-Kang is happy that our efforts can help with charity
-Yee enjoys the slow relaxing laps, swim lessons are more tiring :p
-Xin is just happy to tag along and swim with siblings, bananas are a treat

Perfect weather, sky had threatened to pour over the weekend but we managed to swim under a cool weather.

We did not swim the entire two hours, we only lasted for 90 minutes. Perhaps kids endurance or concentration lacking, they keep finding excuse to leave the pool for rest and banana :p

Number 1 rule for first timers, swim at your own relax pace. No need to rush nor aim for personal best.



Everyone is tired, but if I can swim extra laps, kids got no excuse not to step up.
They are all stronger swimmers than me!

I lost count of the laps after the fifth U-turn, I just concentrated on completing each lap.
Swimming  with many others help us to relax, we are all in the pool for charity.


Different medals from different Safra pools, some folks actually pool-hop to score more finisher medals 🙂

Photo below, our 2 hour slot at Yishun lap-count is additional 2475 laps.
We hope we have contributed a little to the total,  SengkangBabies laps tally is 180.

-Andy 38
-Wei 40
-Kang 32
-Yee 40
-Xin 30

Based on our first swim experience, 50 laps target is attainable for 2019 🙂


Swim for Hope was a meaningful and fun event for us, and we will definitely sign up for future editions .

We are not expert swimmers, but if we can do it, we hope more families and friends can join too.

Follow Safra Swim For Hope and Fanpage for more activities. (Email

We are promoting more active lifestyles for families, do follow our Cycling, Hiking and Running posts too.

Ps. Our family was invited to Safra Swim For Hope event


Safra is giving NSmen angpows

Our four kids are eager to sign-on with Singapore Army, Navy, or Air Force. They have heard from Daddy that some NSmen (and NSwomen) are entitled to one year Free membership and up to $100 worth of Safra vouchers !

To celebrate NS45 (National Service 45 years anniversary), and to recognise NSmen’s sacrifices, this is Safra’s one-time Ang Pow !

Fortunately, our kids do not need to enlist for National Service at such a tender age. Safra membership is only $20 per year for the whole family !

We start exploring all the family activities that we can enjoy at all five Safra clubhouses (Jurong, Mount Faber, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun). We hope there will be a Safra clubhouse nearer to SengkangBabies, maybe Sengkang or Punggol soon.

1) Remember this fish tank at Safra Toa Payoh? This pool (which resembles the Naval divers’ but without drown-proofing) should proof to be a hit with the kids. The key word is see-through.

Kidz Amaze should well, Amaze the kids 🙂 . We love climbing Jurong’s obstacles and kids should love Toa Payoh’s too.

2) Safra’s interest groups should appeal to Daddy.

For the car enthusiasts, read Defensive driving skills, and evasive skills like Handbrake turn or Reverse flick. Daddy did some donuts with our Stream quite sometime back, and it would be fun to try the stunts tricks again.

..and Daddy just found out about the photography interest group too.

3) Mummy will not be left out, Safra Jurong and Mount Faber are ready to invigorate and pamper Mummy to some relaxing massage sessions. Kids are asking about the Stones ?? (refer picture below)

4) We suspect everyone will be tired and hungry after our activities, we are spoil for choices at Safra! Check out Safra’s F&B outlets across the Island.

Maybe Daddy can mobilise some kakis (buddies) to talk about our Bitter and Sweet experiences again. The buddies we friend from BMT till ORD are likely to stay with us for life. Since Daddy’s MR in 2009, there is lesser opportunity to catch up his Band of Brothers 🙂

Back to our pool, Boon Kang is already gearing up for the next recall to Toa Payoh Safra 🙂

The last day to register for the free vouchers is Feb 28th 2014 ! (So generous).
In four easy steps, Safra activities are waiting to bond families and buddies.

Thank you Safra, in Army slang, ORD lor 🙂

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First started by Dr Goh Keng Swee in 1972, Safra has grown over the decades.
More information about Safra can be found at and wiki.

–> Click for NS45 (National Service) benefits

Image credit – the Massage photos above are taken from