Gardens by the Bay – Supertree and Cloud Forest

Even when the Trees are out of focus, SuperTree Grove still look magical in the evening.

For first time visitors, the SuperTrees always look impressive from any angle, and time of the day. This is our review of Gardens by the Bay.

Day or night, from the base, or from the top. Awesome !

Peeping down from the six-storey OCBC Skyway.

The best time to explore and absorb the romantic ambiance might be during dusk. The moment before the sun sets, casting an orange silhouette across Marina Bay Sands.

Look at these two time-lapse lookalike clip of the dancing SuperTrees. At 1945 daily, Garden Rhaspody will dazzle you with light and laser show. Try staying near the centre of the SuperTree Grove. We will feel a surroud sound effect.

The trees bask majestically under the Blue hour’s illumination.

At the Cloud Forest, Waterfall and water droplets greet you at the entrance. Refreshing. Listen to the downpour, feel the wind.

At certain timings (9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm), mist will be released! You will be enshrouded by thick white mist. Super Cool ! Look up and see the “Yellow” lights breaking through the “mist”.

Imagine walking hand in hand with your darling or family. It is wet and slightly cold, but it is such a romantic experience.

The roof window panes have a lot of reflections. At some angles, Daddy thought it felt like stargazing.

**Useful information about Gardens by the Bay :
–> Gardens by the Bay fanpage
–> Gardens homepage

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Thank you to Gardens by the Bay’s Ferne for the kind hospitability during our Gardens exploration. We hope more families will enjoy Singapore’s latest playground. SengkangBabies recommend that you drop by fellow Garden-bloggers’ reviews too

July activities

What’s keeping you busy in July?

##The headlines hitting our media are SMRT inquiry, City Harvest Church saga, high profile sexual scandals, Euro 2012 Spain and Olmpics. Fortuately, our kids have less prominent activities.

The kids can scale a TALL artificial Rock wall (not because Spideyman 3D is here).
On 21Jul, Bedok CC will have a Rock climbing event !

–> Spiderman can register here

Maybe kids have been fascinated with Transformer, want your kids to have a go at building a robot? Below photo is from RoboLabs, a company that provides Creative Robotics Training for kids age 6 and up. We definitely need a robo-cleaner to sweep and mop our house.

–> Dr Tony Tan (President) did say we need more R&D scientists.

Blogger Daniel wants some volunteers to #CookForFamily. We cook, we bond, then we blog about our family experience.  Kids place their tummy-faith on Daddy’s French toast! (Photo taken early Sat morning when Daddy is supposed to be snoozing, thus the no-makeover style)

–> If you are interested, join 100 others at Twitter Hashtag #CookForFamily or register here.

If you do not want eggs, maybe Flowers (Gardens by the Bay) can seduce you?

Meanwhile, you can expect Daddy to throw more flowers and mist and landscaping at you 🙂 Read our Gardens power

Last but not least, 2012 Singapore Blog Awards. Daddy look forward to meeting up with more bloggers face to face. We are top ten under Parenting category. The theme is “SuperHeroes“, but do not expect Daddy to wear red underwear outside and take the MRT!

Admist all the bells and whistles, Daddy always believe bloggers have a social responsibility, to bring awareness to issues and the less fortunate.

1. Adam met with a mishap, leaving him handicap, but his mother is picking him up again. Salute! When we complain about our lives, there are always someone less fortunate out there,  whose voices are not even heard. Daddy wish our community will be more inclusive.

2. Hair For Hope. If you wish to donate hair or money for a good cause,
contact Daddy at –> SengkangBabies_Helpdesk

He is still looking for Botak buddies on 28th Jul.

Finally, everyone love Monopoly yes? We got three boxes to giveaway, please wait for our blog on Sunday. No one has gone-to-jail yet since our box is still sealed.

ps.. if Daddy forgets to mention any sponsors or events, please pardon him.
He is not a full time blogger :p

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** Our blog are finalists in 2012’s OMY’s Singapore Blog awards, thank you for loving and supporting our blog 🙂