Changi Airport Transit activities

If there is one thing which parents dread while traveling, it might be the awful waiting time between check-in and boarding.

Yes, that period in Transit (confined!), when we parents need to think of ideas to entertain the kids. Sleeping is not an option, even if your flight is 5am, as kids do not associate airport with sleep.

Fortunately, Changi Airport transit activities will make most kids smile, this means less anxiety for parents. This airport never sleeps, there will always be something for everyone in the family.

We were granted special permission to explore Changi Airport’s transit area during our recent staycation (Crown Plaza).

Video : With two indoor playgrounds, butterfly and sunflower enclosures, movies, console games and even swimming pool! This airport’s transit area is anything but quiet.

At Butterfly Garden, kids dab their fingers with nectar and pineapple, and butterflies pose for us 🙂

Transit area’s indoor playgrounds are free, and parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids run around.

Nothing like kois and orchids to soothe the tired souls. We had to try very hard to remind the kids to keep their hands off the pond! We love all the green landscaping in the airport.

Did you know Changi Airport was voted the best airport in the world for sleeping? Seriously, free beds at this link, and we are not talking about the hotels.

Artificial decoration (Enchanted Garden).

Real Sunflowers. We can spot planes taking off (real LOUD) from the Sunflower Garden roof. You can even embark on a nature trail between the Terminals.

Game consoles for kids and families. For those who prefer their own smartphones, you are always connected via free wifi and charging stations.

Movies delight, the comfortable couch might even provide a good shuteye option (T2 and T3 transit only)

Scratch and imprint, more activities for kids. Kang just outline control tower.

If the above list of activities does not suit your taste, there is a bewildering range of shopping and eating options. We explore some of them over our 3D2N staycation.

Another indoor playground, in the shape of an aeroplane.

Swimming Pool (fee apply) and more photos.

T1 has a Social Tree. You can call it a Social Media tree too haha. Once you upload your photos, it will stay there for 100 years! Make sure your photos are glamorous.

Kids were challenging each other to pose their weird and funny selfies 🙂

Frequent travelers, especially parents, will appreciate Changi Airport Transit activities.
With the upcoming Terminal 4 and Jewel, Changi Airport is shaping itself to handle more visitors, and cementing itself as a lifestyle hub.

How can you make something good even better?

We list some ideas and wishlist here. Perhaps a Sports theme in the airport. Let people jog around the complex, free sports trial like scooter, roller blades and even rock climbing or abseiling from T1’s Control Tower. We are looking forward to Jewel’s garden and waterfall.

Perhaps, let kids pick up diy learning themes at Changi Airport:
1) one day as a pilot
2) one day as a stewardess
3) one day as a janitor
4) how does the luggage flow from a plane to your belt?
5) how does ICA controls passport(immigration)
6) how do we prevent disease from entering Singapore
7) who controls the aeroplanes flight path, and clockwork landing and taking off
8 ) is that a Jumbo 747 crossing the overhead bridge above! Ground crew refilling etc
9) firefighting crew in Changi Airport, any different from normal firefighters?

– With many more activities to keep us entertained in Changi Airport, Daddy hopes carpark charges will become more affordable

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Meanwhile, more children activities (Transit) are listed on this page. Those with time to spend can even signup for a free city tour.

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