Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner, superd performance and experience

Introducing the Mrs’ best friend, Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner. Before we jump into the functionality, I simply adore the futuristic violet colour!

The Dyson Digital Slim™ was designed with smaller Asian built in mind. It is 30% lighter than the previous model (V11), with no reduction in sucking power.

Weighs only 1.9kg!

Our Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner comes with many attachments. The design is both elegant and intuitive.

The Mrs easily assembled her new toy, without referencing the user manual (which is available on QR code).

Image credit Dyson

She is in her element when reviewing the new Dyson vacuum cleaner. If she is impressed, I am happy 🙂

Check out our video here.

Just plug and play the components together. Whether you are cleaning under the sofa or the ceiling, different attachments do the job efficiently.

Choose from three different suction power, depending on the surface. The LED will indicate battery life and warning when the filter needs to be washed.

Personally, I love the “Turbo” sound when we squeeze the trigger.

Picture below, this nifty feature was very useful for us. It allows our Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner to bend and reach under the sofa. Cool and practical!

Although Dyson touted Digital Slim as 3-1 cleaner (mattress, ceiling and floor. I might recommend the Dyson as 4-1, it works as my car vacuum cleaner too!

Digital Slim vacuum cleaner
Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner

With the light weight, vacuuming was easy and clean.

Turn on maximum power and watch all the dusts and specks sucked away from the floor mat. The “Light pipe crevice” attachment will illuminate the dusts and corners.

Next, just pour the dirt when you pull the red lever. Simple.

Washing is effortless too, just rinse and leave dry for 24 hours.

Image Credit Dyson

There is more information on Dyson homepage, especially the R&D features. Checkout the smaller motor, which can sucks up to 99.97% filtration of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Remarkably, the body is lighter and has a smaller footprint. The product page (via QR code)  contains many user tips and cleaning steps too.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner tips
Image credit Dyson

The Mrs calls the shots, when it comes to home maintenance. Our Dyson Digital Slim™ is a good investment for her.

..and I got more excuse to skip house work :p

You can buy Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner online at Dyson website too (2 years warranty), retail price starts from $749.

ps.. Our Dyson Digital Slim is sponsored