Happy Valentine’s Day Darling


14th Feb is approaching again. Happy Valentine’s Day, Darling Mummy.

We overheard Daddy whispering “kiss, love, sweet, I Love you” softly to Mummy. We always ask Daddy “What is Darling, why Honey, who is your Lover (情人), the kisses and smooches?”

Daddy and Mummy always smile and tell us “when you grow up…bla bla bla”

Daddy always say he is not stingy and he is a romantic, but Mummy is pragmatic. Both are contented with each other’s company.

It would be romantic If Daddy can host Mummy to a candlelight dinner or watch a midnight show, but Mummy will always prefer a simple meal over a gift.

When Humming Flowers & Gifts invited us to profess our Valentine’s Day wishes, Daddy immediately agree. Daddy thought it was an opportunity to declare his Love for Mummy again.

Anyway, our bouquet is Sweetness Ahead. Besides the usual Roses, Tulips and Gerberas, something caught our eyes. If flowers cannot melt your darling’s heart, six tins of sweet candies will (甜甜蜜蜜)!

As we pose with the flowers and smell the sweet roses, kids got impatient!
They are waiting to unpack the heart shape candies.

Or maybe kids are jealous, why is Daddy kissing Mummy again? There is always a lot of lightbulbs (电灯泡) in our house, and kids will always disrupt Daddy and Mummy from taking a couple portrait.

Daddy make it corny simple for kids to understand.
“Daddy love Mummy and Mummy kiss Daddy, then the Babies came out one by one.” Daddy say something about kids are Labour of Love 🙂

Thank you Humming, for your Valentine’s Day bouquet 🙂
Although SengkangBabies’ Valentine’s Day celebration is not as Romantic, we certainly make up for it with more laughter and family fun.

To our friends out there, may your Valentine’s day be as sweet as ours, 情人节快乐 🙂
In case you need some flowers ideas, do pop by Hummings’ Valentine’s Days specials.

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Photo credit – Humming

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    1. Thank you Ai, actually when I “show” kids how to cherish Mummy, I hope they will grow up to respect their spouse and marriage too. Marriage is no longer everlasting for today’s generation 🙁

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