She cannot cycle yet, the next best thing is scooter

Our princess is too small to cycle. But she did not intend to let this slow down her mobility. Mummy brought her a scooter for her birthday !

Our girl is the only rose among her brothers, so she play with guns, knife, trains and cars from young. On the other hand, we always see the boys playing with the doll house and cooking set !

So, Boon Xin saw her brothers having fun on the bikes, and decided to join in the fun.

Daddy agree she does not look ladylike when she peddles her scooter.
We will need to improve on her balancing skills :p

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2012 Posb passion kids run

Sunday morning, we participated in POSB’s passion kids’ run 2011. Event was held at Marina Bay for the first time. (2011 was at East Coast Park)

This year, we are joining other families in the 3.5Km Family category. Starting from Marina Bay Promontory, we walk towards Marina Bay Sands.

The weather was just nice, as we were worried about an overcast earlier. Kids enjoy running and playing catching along the way.

We reach the halfway mark when we can see the looming SuperTrees. If you have not been to Gardens yet, please read our experience.

We take breaks in between to admire the scenery, and for Daddy to frame us. The towels came in useful 🙂

We are glad to be part of POSB’s passion run initiative. To quote from POSB :
=== ===
Who are the kids we’re helping?
The POSB PAssion Kids Fund aims to support the children in the community through different programmes. It is part of the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF) whose objective is to promote activities and programmes which will contribute towards social capital and community development.
=== ===

A fun family morning.

We took about 1 hour to complete the walk (not 4 hours on the LED panel). To the kids’ disappointment, the bouncing castle has been deflated. One of the motivation for them to complete the walk was the castle. Why does it has to be dismantled so quickly?

Although we did not come in fastest, we did came in together. Daddy and Mummy unanimously confer best-runner award to Ms Lee Boon Xin. We are so proud she did not ask for any hugs along the way. Boon Xin just followed in her bros’ footsteps.

Click for more photos at our fanpage 🙂

We had a happy family day on this Sunday morning, and we hope your family had a great one too. Thank you DBS\Posb for the invitation.