Ice skating Fun at The Rink JCube

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School exams are finally over, we were thrilled at the opportunity to chill at The Rink JCube.
(Read on to find out how you might win a pair of tickets)

Once we spotted JCube building, Boon Xin asks “Is it Ice Cube or JCube? (it rhymes)”. I told her we are going to play with Ice in JCube haha :p
The Rink Jcube

Our previous experience was back in 2012 (read post).
The Rink is located on the third floor, and “skeleton” is only available during Halloween.

The first thing you need to do is to rent a pair of ice skating boots($3.50 per pair), helmets and gloves are optional and available for rental too, bring your own socks.

Do take note locker is for one-time usage only.

No worries if you are a beginner, there are penguins, snowman and seal (fees apply) to help you glide more gracefully! The seals are especially good for adults (I am one of them) to camouflage your clumsy balancing act :p
(Image on the left credit May from MM Littlee)

Family photo can be a challenge if you are amateur skaters. Getting everyone to stop together, posing and balancing is a huge task! Grab a friendly “Ice marshall” (those in yellow) to help you with some photos 🙂

Cute right?

After some warmup rounds, kids slowly dump their “animals” and went solo 🙂

Falling down is part of the learning curve. Just when you think you are confident and tries to go faster, BUMP!
But kids are generally fearless and quickly pick themselves up again.

I cannot balance well, and sucks at roller blading and skate boarding too. It would be embarrassing to land on my bum in front of the live audience haha 🙂

We have heard of Bumper cars before, but on ice? One third of the rink is “fenced” off just for the “cars”. Fees are $10 for 8 minutes, and cars are only available on Saturday between 5.15pm to 9.30pm.
Kids still prefer normal ice skating compared to the bumper cars 🙂

It can be cold, tiring and sweaty at different phases. But FUN and Laughter always accompany the families!

Ice Skating rates (per two hours) and promotions.

Additional tips to enjoy your ice skating experience :
– wear a jacket and glove (cushion your fall too)
– long sleeve and pants can minimise abrasions
– kids like to tailgate, but they do not know how to stop during emergency. Remind them to keep a distance.
– Go in an anti-clockwise direction, center rink is for the professionals, and do not cut across the rink
– No selfie sticks for obvious reasons

Address :
2 Jurong East Central 1
Level 3, JCube
Singapore 609731

– The Rink JCube Website and Facebook.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ x3 pairs to Ice Skating tickets to giveaway ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Thanks to The Rink, we are giving away three pairs of tickets.
(Each ticket is worth $17.70, inclusive 2 hours admission and skate boots rental).

1. Contest is on our Fanpage
2. Fans must first LIKE The Rink and SengkangBabies Fanpage
3. Leave your name and email on our Fanpage (or you can message email address)

4. Share this page (refer step 3) on your Facebook Wall and tag @SengkangBabiesBlog
(so that we know you are participating)

5. Contest ends 17 Nov 10pm, and three winners will be randomly picked
Winners must respond within 48 hours or we may pick another one.

6. Terms and conditions of the tickets passes:
– Valid for 3 months from date of issue
– Valid Mon to Sun (except eve of PH, PH and Private/ Special Events)
– The Rink reserves the right to change the Ice Skating appointment (due to unforeseen circumstances)

*This contest is only for those with a valid Singapore address.

Ice Skating at Jcube

If you see any of us limping recently, we have a good reason. We were invited by Capital Mall to Jcube’s Ice Rink. Ice skating is super Fun, but tiring 🙂

As we made our way to the Rink, the sight of Ice and Christmas decorations set our hearts fluttering. “Christmas=White=Cold temperature“, our anticipation are heightened Yeah 🙂

Daddy picked a weekday 1030 slot, as he thought there will be less people. So in case Daddy we should fall down, there will be less witnesses haha.

We were so wrong, this rink is very popular during the holidays period.

Thanks to our Capital Mall hosts, Shu Fen and Erza quickly help us to ease into our skating boots.

The ice Rink is inviting us to enter. Some kids are having skating lessons too.

We dispatch the first penguin…

.. followed by the second Penguin 🙂

The penguins are available for rental at $10 per two hour. Sorry, Penguins are for kids only, otherwise Yi and Xin look so adorable gliding on the ice 🙂

First timers will grip the side and slowly pace themselves around the rink, but slowly and surely, we pick up our tempo and our confidence spikes.

Marshall (those in yellow) will help skaters in distress 🙂

Boon Xin in a Winter wonderland of her own.

Family fun, we heard the rink is especially popular for Dads to bond with their kids.

Falling down is part of the fun, however Daddy struggled to find his footing after he fell. Imagine all the diners at the surrounding F&B laughing at the rink side activities 🙂

If you are newbie or fear embarrassment like Daddy, watch this clip before heading to jCube :p

Kids are usually more daring than adults, that explains why Mummy and Daddy could not catch up with them. Ice skating is an Awesome experience and family time for us !

SengkangBabies had so much Fun when we skate, or sometimes fall, would you be interested to experience some cold bliss soon?

Video : Look at the enthusiastic Fun revelers ! Daddy is so happy that our family got to enjoy some family time.

Photo below indicates the opening hours and rates for the rink and accessories.

Thank you Capital Mall for the invite 🙂
We had some early Christmas Fun and celebration at the Rink, and although our ankles are bruised, we are definitely looking forward to more Ice skating Fun.

It is not easy to take a family photo on the Rink, everyone need to stand still, there are so many people skating around, but we got one nice Family photo 🙂

Video : How we survive our skating experience

You must drop by our cool Fanpage for more icy Fun photos.

Jcube Ice Rink :
Website –
Fanpage –
Unit #03-11
Contact – 6684 2374/ 6684 2375

** updated 2013Mar – Do you know about Changi Airport T3’s Red Square ice skating ring? (only for Mar school holidays)