Kawasan Falls canyoneering with family

Kawasan Falls canyoneering with family was the best activity from our Cebu trip. Read our 2019 Dec Cebu Family itinerary here.

No matter which angle you look, Jumping is SCARY!

10 years old girl leaping 10m!
10 years old girl leaping 10 metres!

Water hiking (canyoneering) involves a lot of jumping and the risks are definitely higher.  We are not saying this activity is suitable for everyone.

But if you and your family is game, this is our guide to visiting Kawasan Falls. Even non-swimmers can join in the canyoneering fun!

If the kids can JUMP, it would be embarrassing if I could not follow haha. You jump, I jump!

Just count 1,2,3 JUMP. Otherwise your legs will freeze :p

Photos cannot capture our fun morning. Do checkout our Kawasan Falls Canyoneering with family video ! (4K YouTube link)

First, everyone has to report to Kawasan Canyoneering office.
Payment, briefing, and gather our safety gears and one small waterproof bag.

The life jacket has a pouch for a water bottle and your spectacles. Besides your phone (waterproof) and GoPro, everything else will be kept in locker. Do keep your towel and spare clothes in the locker too.

You do not need anything else. And you are not allowed to bring your own 5l or 10l waterproof bags.

Transport will bring you to the assembly point.
You can decide to take the zipline, or trek 45min to the trailhead.

Take the Zipline, because Fun is guaranteed!

This is not your usual zipline, you will literally experience a Flying sensation YEAH!

This hut is the “trailhead”. From here, everyone will walk 20 minutes downslope to the water.

It took us 40min as the Mrs struggled with the slope and steep steps.

You will hear water splashes and screams (thrills!) before you even spot the water.

WOW the water is really emerald blue!

Expect human jams during weekends.

Warmup jump, 4m.

This is the easiest cliff jump, subsequent leaps will be higher!
Feels like reliving our childhood dreams.

Surreal surroundings as we walk through the waterway and valleys. The cliffs and walls are spectacular. Love the sun rays filtering in through the tree foliage.

The Blue water is refreshingly cold!

8m looks tall

..but you will land within 2 seconds! It is still intimidating standing at the edge 😛

We had tons of nice family photos at Kawasan Falls too.


We had fun role-playing Sparta kicks too!
Our guides are good, professional and yet super caring.

They really take care of everyone, and they like to sing too 🙂

This scenic dam is famous for posing at Kawasan Falls. Funny, why others POSED so nice but me #notSexy

Unglam photo can only blame model, not props, camera or photographer :p

More family photos.

Amazing, there is a BBQ in the middle of Kawasan Falls too! Guides can pay in advance for you.

Seen this photo before? Why always the same person eating huh?

8m jump after hot dogs!

From the top, the river below seems a bit narrow. I always hesitated before leaping, but kids just JUMP! Quite the dare devils.

Jumping is optional, but NO Need to tell the kids or spouse :p

The water and surroundings are so unreal. Greens, blues and sunlight shining through.

Super Instagramable. Simply magical!

Helmets and life jackets all the way. Canyoneering is not a walk in the park, slips and falls can happen, safety first.

10m platform is the halfway point

We have to run and take off. Just keep your legs close, otherwise good luck to your groin.

Once you leapt off and see the Drop below, you will get a “WTH” moment ! Too late for regrets haha

10m platform at Kawasan Falls
10m platform at Kawasan Falls

Boon Yee (12 years old) leading the jumps. He can go to Commando course next time and enjoy all the free adrenaline.

Our family’s adventure appetite has Level Up, and I am so proud that we can enjoy adventures together as a family.

Kids jumping at Kawasan Falls
Kids jumping at Kawasan Falls

Preparation tips for your reference

If time permits, do some staircase training. Kawasan Falls canyoneering is doable for anyone with reasonable fitness. Your calf and thigh will get a lot of workouts.

Your shoes will be wet all the way. We had some experience canyoneering in Johor (Pelepah waterfall), and the kids adjusted well.

The final leapt, 15m

Others mention it is 12m. Nevermind, it feels like 20m from the top! Only No1 and No3 completed this jump, Daddy chicken out.

Crazy crowd, all waiting to do the last jump!
So proud of the kids, my bum was still sore from the 10m landing.

Walking back towards the “main” entrance. If you are only at Kawasan Falls for photos, do take note there is a small entrance fee of 40 pesos.

* Take note there are two entrances to the Blue waterfalls

Our package is inclusive of transfer to and fro from Kawasan Falls (from Moalboal), and a lunch.

The chicken thigh is not bad, maybe we were hungry too 🙂

From Social Media, you should know there are two ways to appreciate Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering or just waterfall photo.

We would strongly recommend trekking 3 to 4hours and do Kawasan Falls canyoneering! You will be rewarded with 7 cliff jumps!

Kawasan Falls canyoneering with family
Kawasan Falls canyoneering with family

During our research, we could easily find 50 tour agencies offering Kawasan Falls canyoneering package. But it is rare to find vendors who cater for family and kids.

Kawasan Canyoneering contact:

Website: https://www.kawasancanyoneering.com.ph
Facebook and Instagram

Zipline – 500 pesos per pax
Canyoneering – 1500 pesos per pax

Additional tips for Kawasan Falls Canyoneering:

Go for the Badian Zipline (Superman!)  The kids and spouse will thank you for it

– Jumping is optional, there are alternate paths to walk down. Do confirm with your agency beforehand.

-Safety is a top concern for us. Accidents had happened before, follow guides’ instructions and do not anyhow jump

-The trek will take 2 to 3 hours, expect longer weekend queues

– Book your Kawasan Falls slots earlier, this adventure is very popular!

-Some might bundle Kawasan Canyoneeering (Afternoon 3 hours) with Oslob whale sharks  (Morning 30 minutes) together.  This might be adrenaline overkill, we recommend covering the activities over two days

– Location is just 25km South of Moalboal. Those who visit from Cebu city would need to leave around 3 or 4am to avoid queues


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Do pop by our Instagram Hashtag #SengkangbabiesCebu  and Story for our summary. The links to more photos and other blogs are at the end of page.

Moalmoal attractions

Disclaimer: We have received some discounts from “Kawasan Canyoneering”

All our Hiking trips are listed here https://sengkangbabies.com/tag/hiking

Johor Waterfalls Pelepah hiking with family

Pelepah Waterfalls is one of the cool Johor waterfalls. Situated in Kota Tinggi, I had visited  Pelepah Waterfalls in Sep 2018, read the fun review here.

Our hiking Fun is in this video (YouTube) 🙂

We make a slight detour to Kiang Kee Bak Ku Teh 强记肉骨茶 (GPS 1.827193, 103.958769).

A=Kiang Kee, B=Pelepah Waterfalls trailhead

This is a popular pitstop for those heading North East to Mersing.  And Kiang Kee is now officially our best Bak Ku Teh in Johor (replacing Hwa Mei 华美肉骨茶  )

Must top up our energy before exercise, many families were here early to enjoy the herbal goodness too.

Yummy! Our table dishes came up to 80 ringgit only.

After a 30 km drive, Pelepah Waterfalls trailhead is just in front of Kota Tinggi Waterfalls entrance.  The carpark is just 20m ahead, a side entrance on the right (no need fees).

After parking the car, we backtrack and went under the bridge.

Kids were a bit hesitant about getting their shoes wet so early, but there is no ESCAPE haha.

You will only walk 30m before turning left and climb up to the gravel road.

10 minutes from the bridge, you should see this pond on your Left (below photo).

Alas, the trail markers (aka ribbons) have all been removed! Otherwise, hikers could just follow the red/white ribbon to the waterfalls.

We would not recommend first timers to explore this trail yourself, you could accidentally end up at Gunung Panti (Our 2016 blog, many steep climbs)!

No permit or guide is officially needed for Pelepah Waterfalls trekking.
You should go with someone who knows the way, or follow a Meetup group.

We had a friendly guide dog. But do not pet the wild dogs as we noticed its eye was infected.

5 minutes from the Pond, you will cross this stream.

10 minutes from the stream, you will hit a Y-junction. Turn right and walk up a small slope.

We only had two day bags. Do pack whistle, head torch, first aid pouch, water (we had 2 x 1.5l) and snacks.

Turn left over the small gap, and turn left to go down the slope.

You will see this “bridge” after about 10 minutes.

Remember the Y-Junction earlier, we took the wrong left-turn and nearly hike up to Panti! (Do not follow the yellow tags and signboard unless you are going to Gunung Panti )

Yellow is pointing towards Gunung Panti, not Pelepah Waterfalls!

Back to our trail, my first pair of Kampong Adidas.  I should have worn a pair of socks, my toes felt uncomfortable when walking downhill (lesser grip). Flat road and uphill no problems.

Once you see this pond, the way ahead is straightforward. And Beautiful!

Just be careful with your steps. Rocks (green algae) can be slippery, you should “tap twice” to make sure the surface is not slippery.

Make sure the water is clear (not murky) before you step down, you could accidentally slip and twist your ankle.

Be vigilant, go slow and everyone should be safe.

The rock wall is the first Major obstacle. Grip the ropes and slowly pull yourselves up. The stronger one can station half way and give a supporting hand.

This would not be a challenge for the kids, but Mommy need some reassurance. The climb looks intimidating but can be overcome.

On the other hand, I keep reminding kids to grip tight. One slip and you can land badly.

After 5 minutes, you will see this mini waterfall. Take a short break here and dip in the cool water.

There are ropes to mark the “deeper pool” areas.

Picture below (left side with ropes), this is the 2nd rock face.

Go slow, step properly, get a firm footing and you should be ok.

This rock faces is tough for Mommy as she never participates in a lot of outdoor activities. But it is super easy for those who have attempted Gunung hiking before.

5 minutes from the 2nd rock wall, a corridor of cool water awaits.

REFRESHING! Water can be up to 1 metre at some sections.

Climb up this ladder at the end of the 80m corridor.

Another waterfall awaits. This is the 2nd waterfall and we had our “lunch” here. Kids had fun trying to trap the fishes too.

The fallen logs demonstrated the power of nature. The trunks might have fallen during a thunderstorm.

If there was a heavy rain beforehand, you might want to avoid Pelepah Waterfalls (or other Johor Waterfalls hike). Water might suddenly gushed down.

There is actually a third layered waterfall, but we decided two waterfalls for the day is enough. The Mrs had struggled after two rock faces hee hee.

We had taken 2 hours to reach the 2nd waterfall.  If you are relatively fit, you should be able to reach the 2nd waterfall in under 1 hr 30min (estimate).

You may visit the 3rd waterfall in my previous Pelepah Waterfall blog.

Heading back.

More water fun and chills.

By the end of our trek, kids would prefer water walk over sand trail anytime!

Scenic water bodies.

We scored A for Team effort!
We need to look out for each other.

Someone topo (navigate) infront.
We swap the load around.
Pull each other across obstacles.
I had to play the Chief Motivator Role.

Mommy’s smile says it all. Although she is not athletic, she is willing to try  everything with the family. Kudos!

She even brought back a leech souvenir to the car park.

Our trail was roughly 2 hours, super slow and easy pace.

Pelepah Waterfalls hiking distance
Pelepah Waterfalls hiking distance

AllTrails App recommendation

I would like to recommend another hiking app, AllTrails (Android and IOS)
-App allows us to Record our path and we can simply follow steps back , if we should be lost
-App offers trails recommendations from fellow hikers, with photos too. This would be good when I am traveling to a new place.

-Free version of App serves my purpose
-You only need mobile signal, 4G not needed
-GPS will drain faster, prepare extra power bank for phone

-Trails galore in Singapore, imagine the fun when I bring this app to Malaysia Gunungs

Johor Waterfalls mural at Kota Tinggi town.

Johor Waterfalls
Johor Waterfalls

We had wanted to enjoy famous Kota Tinggi Wanton noodle but shop was closed. Yap Fong Noodle House 叶芳面家 (GPS 1.727552, 103.899047)

Additional tips:

-More photos from a previous trip (blog)
-All our Hiking trips are listed here https://sengkangbabies.com/tag/hiking

-Do take note part of the track is on private property, if caught, please say sorry and do not argue

– Do not leave any rubbish behind, bring the rubbish out of the forest to bin

-Hikers can shower at the Kota Tinggi Resort (nominal fees). Small tap

-Permit and guide is not needed, but we strongly recommend you to follow someone up to Pelepah Waterfalls

– If you need reference for Malaysia Guide or permits, do drop me an email andy@sengkangBabies.com

-Although it is a day trip, I always pack emergency equipment like whistle, compass and night torch (just in case we are lost)

-Do take note of these emergency contacts:
a) 999 or 112-This will activate Police or Ambulance
b)994-Bomba (Emergency Rescue)

-If my Johor Waterfalls path suggestion is longer or wrong, please share the correct path with us. Thank you.


ps.. Follow our Instagram tag #SengkangBabiesJohor for more JB adventures