Are you sure this is a Library ?

A larger than life Mario (Where is Luigi?)

Outdoor, we found a mobile library, converted from a bus. The staff told us that the bus will pop by “special” schools during the days, as not everyone can make their way to the nearest library.

Who place all the cardboard cars in the lobby? Kids need no invitation to “drive” off 🙂

Creative Cardboards await at each corner.

Giraffe, robots at the basement !

The children section has been revamped.

Kids just love the mushrooms and flowers.

Both kids and adults cannot resist climbing the stairs up the Tree 🙂

There are a lot of bricks for the kids to play “Lego”. They build castles, bridges, and pathway. Sometimes when they get too rowdy or if the “bricks” are stacked too high, the librarian will step in.

If we are tired, small niche corners encourage families to relax, get comfortable and share a story or two.

At 1230pm, story-telling captivates the kids.

Libraries today has changed a lot. Most parents are glad at the selection and variety of books. Daddy also notice kids running around and screaming.

This is weird, as Daddy grew up with libraries which are mostly quiet (maybe the fierce librarians helps). Maybe some parents need to be reminded that Library is for everyone, please be considerate.

Click here for the list of libraries and activites.

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