Legoland Water Park will be opening on 21 Oct

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Something is lurking at Legoland. Think Slides, Floats, getting Wet and Awesome Fun.

( credit Legoland )

Come September, Legoland will be celebrating it’s 1st anniversary,
but on 21Oct, Legoland Water Park will open with a SplasH !

Once Legoland Water Park and Hotel is completed, Legoland Themepark will become Legoland Resort.

We got a sneak peak of the Lego project. Packed with 20 slides, Malaysia will have the world’s largest Water Park !

Kids can even build their own rafts, but Daddy is skeptical whether our own raft will float :p
The Lego bricks are bigger and softer, just nice for kids 2 to 12.

Construction is in progress at the work site, all the Red, Yellow and colourful pipes will be linkup to provide seamless Fun !

( credit Legoland )

The six slides are called “Slide Racers”, just nice for our family of six. Imagine Daddy and Mummy leading the charge down the slides.. wait, is there a height limit?

Legoland GM (Siegfried Boerst) and Project Manager (Scott Elliot) proudly displaying the dateline for Water Park. Mark 21Oct 2013 on your calender.

From our vantage point, guests snap away at the worksite. We see cranes and workers hard at work now, but in 3 months’ time, Legoland will be transformed again.

These slides and water play area will be the new attraction come October.

( credit Legoland )

Everyone is anticipating Legoland’s new milestones. The gals (Mag and Melissa) could not resist some cute Lego minions, while the guys (Adrian and Kelvin) are discussing which room offers the best view.

( Thanks to Mag for the gals photo )

Come 2014, Legoland Hotel will invite families to spend more time at the Resort. The 249 rooms will have themes “Pirate”, “Kingdom” or “Adventure”. We heard rides and models will dot the Hotel interior.

Daddy can already imagine the kids popping out of their windows to see Lego City and Project-X screaming in action 🙂

Annual tickets will be announced soon :
Water Park only – Adult (RM275), Child (RM210)
Water Park and Theme park – Adult (RM395), Child (RM395)

Video : We leave you with a a video clip of what Califonia Legoland’s Water Park has to offer.

For the latest updates, do pop by Legoland Fanpage.
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  1. Water park, that sounds awesome. I’m glad to read this article, here you discussed about the water park and you shared some of the snapshots of that park. Those are looking fabulous. The slide racer is my favorite game. I’d just like to say thanks for sharing such an informative post for us. Keep blogging like this.

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