The Future Of Us exhibition

Boon Yee checking out the “The Future of US” Singapore exhibition through a tabloid.
He will be 23 years old in 2030.

At the entrance, we came across poster headlines from earlier decades. All are part of Singapore’s history.
20160102 FutureOfUs

At Theatre of Generations, we witness how Singapore had transform from 1965 to 2015, and onwards to 2030. The projections are beamed on to the Roof for an immersive experience.

It feels like an Omni-theatre experience, broadcasted in English with 4 languages subtitles.

Symphony of the City, we saw the city of the future transformed from vision into reality. I thought I saw a blueprint of a high-speed train at Coney Island !

Love all the motivational and inspirational wordings, crafted into pictorials. So Creative and impactful 🙂

Home Tomorrow, loved the clouds and futuristic landscapes (be it horizontal or vertical)
20160102 FutureOfUs1

Trace your timeline, and major milestones in life.
20160102 FutureOfUs2

Innovations from sectors Defence, education, or perhaps vertical farming and sustainable communities. All these concepts are no longer dreams.



Blue Skies, send your messages to the Sky (roof) 🙂
20160102 FutureOfUs3

Scheduled events for interested participants, you can contribute your ideas too.

1000 years from 1965….

The skies will not always be gloomy. Venture out, reach out for the next Rainbow!
Take home message for my kids are “Dare to dream, the future is not set”.

If I can see the future, I would like to know whether my hawker centers would still be around in 2030 🙂
More details about The Future of US exhibition can be found on their Website and Fanpage.

– Nearest carpark is SG50 carpark, we had to walk 10 minutes from Meadow carpark
– Bayfront MRT would be even nearer
– The crowd was manageable on a Saturday, you can try walk-in too (we booked our tickets and choiced time-slots early in December).
– This exhibition will end on 08 Mar 2016
– Opening hours 9am to 9pm daily
– Entrance is free
– Duration – If you just breeze through, 30 minutes will do. But I will recommend 1 to 2 hours stay to appreciate how new technologies will enhance our lives

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